Antique Chinese Snuff Bottle Peking Glass 北京玻璃鼻烟壶

Antique Chinese Snuff Bottle Peking Glass

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Attractive, old Chinese snuff bottle made of Peking glass. Pleasing, rich color. At both sides a woven string has been attached with pearls of ivory woven. At the bottom pieces of ivory and coral have been added.

The snuff bottle is 48 x 25 x 60 mm and in good condition. It is from the end of Qing Dynasty beginning of Republic period.

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Chinese Seal by Wu Yifeng 吴一峰篆刻

Chinese Seal by Wu Yifeng


Chinese seal by Wu Yifeng
Chinese seal by Wu Yifeng

A pair of attractive, valuable shou shan leisure seals by the important seal carver Wu Yifeng 吴一峰 (1907 – 1998).

As actual seal 8 characters have been carved: dan jiu ru xing 耽酒如性 (to abandon oneself to wine according ones nature) and: hao shi cheng chi 好诗成痴 ( a good poem making one crazy).

Each 26 x 26 x 41 mm and 30 mm. Good condition.

Signed at the front end Da Zou Ke 大走客, his artists name.

Wu Yifen was member of the Chinese Calligraphy Society and the Artist’s Association.

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George Savage. Ceramics for collectors. Limited de Luxe.

Savage, George Ceramics for the Collector: An Introduction to Pottery and Porcelain.

Published by Theodore Brun Ltd, 1949. Limited. Leather, hard cover, 224pp.

Limited edition – copy no. 120 of 200.

Savage George Ceramics for the Collector
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Slight scuffing to edges of covers, a few scratches at the back of the cover, a few brown spots. 8.75″ by 5.75″. Quite a few photos of objects.

Chinese Overlay Snuff Bottle Dragon Motif

Chinese Overlay Snuff Bottle Dragon Motif

Chinese Overlay Snuff Bottle
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Decorative old Chinese snuff bottle, Peking glass with green overlay, depicting dragons round a circle (jade-bi).

Both sides are almost authentic. Well balanced, well carved.

43 x 24 x 58, metal stopper with green stone.

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Antique Leisure Seal by Chen Lian 陈练, Shou Shan 18. Ct

Antique Leisure Seal by Chen Lian, Shou Shan 18. Ct

Leisure Seal by Chen Lian

Leisure Seal by Chen Lian

Antique, Chinese leisure seal, Shou Shan, by the important seal carver Chen Lian.

Engraved are 5 characters: yi song zhu wei xin (take your heart from pine tree and bamboo. Which means: study the character of pine tree and bamboo).
Side engraving with his courtesy name: Zai Zhuan
15 x 10 x 45 mm, very good condition.
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Art Nouveau Sculpture by Marie Louise Sarre, Resistance

Scarce Marie Louise Sarre sculpture from the beginning of last century. Artist signed ML which refers to Marie Louise Sarre.

Size: 8,5 x 6,5 x 3 inches.

The sculpture is in very fine condition with no faults.

Marie Louise Sarre sculpture
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Size: 8,5 x 6,5 x 3 inches.

Marie-Louise Sarre lived in Berlin before World War II. Her friends called her “Puppi,” meaning “small doll” in German. She didn’t have much of a doll when she became active in the German resistance against Hitler. In the summer of 1944 she was involved in a scheme to secure the support of none other than Heinrich Himmler in a plan to assassinate Hitler.

After the failed coup attempt of July 20, 1944, she and many others were arrested and imprisoned by the Gestapo. She managed to escape and fled to Ascona, Switzerland, where she lived until her death at age 95, in 1999.

Her father was Friedrich Sarre, the first director of the Department of Islamic Art at the Kaiser Friedrich Museum (today’s Bode Museum) in Berlin. Her maternal grandfather was Carl Humann, the discoverer and excavator of the Pergamum Altar in Turkey in the 1880s.

Her father also was member of The Solf Circle (German: Solf-Kreis) which was an informal gathering of German intellectuals involved in the resistance against Nazi Germany. Most members were arrested and executed after attending a tea party held near Heidelberg on September 10, 1943, at the residence of Elisabeth von Thadden. The group’s downfall also ultimately led to the demise of the Abwehr in February 1944.

Chinese seal by Yu Yun 俞云印章


Chinese Seal by Yu Yun


Chinese seal by Yu Yun Chinese seal by Yu Yun

Attractive, small, Chinese chicken-blood-stone leisure seal. Cut by the artist Yu Yun 俞云 (1864 – 1938). As actual seal 2 characters have been engraved: 言鄞 yan Yin.

Signed at front end with his artist name: 即佛 Ji Fo.

13 x 13 x 35 mm. Good condition.

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The Eternal Jew – Der Ewige Jude Postcard

The Eternal Jew – Der Ewige Jude Postcard

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Anti – Semitic “Der Ewige Jude” Postcard. 1938 Vienna Exposition type, commemorative cancellation.

Very good condition.

This Viennese style has the “gold” shekels and “gold” map of greater Germany. This is the more rare and the more desirable of the two known styles. Lithograph 4 x 6 inches. DHM, Berlin Pk 96/416.

The movie Der ewige Jude ( ” The Eternal Jew ” ) is the most famous Nazi propaganda film. It was produced at the insistence of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

The movie disses the Jews of Poland as corrupt, filthy, lazy, ugly, and perverse: they are denounced as alien people who would have taken over the world through their control of banking and commerce, yet which still would live like animals.

The exhibition which has been organized by the Nazis in 1937, was of virulent Anti Jewish content and was held in Munich ( November 8, 1937, and ended on January 31 1938 ), Wien ( August 2 through October 23, ) and Berlin ( November 12, 1938 through January 31, 1939 ).


1944: German Occupation. Kotor. Italian Stamps. Misprints.

1944: Deutsche Besetzungsausgaben Kotor ( Cataro ). Stamps with horizontal Italian overprints: Deutsche Militaer-verwaltung Kotor. Michel Nr. 1-6.

All 6 stamps have misprints „Dentsche” instead of Deutsche. ( Field # 9 )

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Old catalogue value DM 3000. Mint never hinged, pristine.

Very hard to find complete misprinted set.

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