Antique Chinese Bronze Wine Bottle with Screw Plug

Antique Chinese Wine Bottle with Screw Plug

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Antique Chinese wine bottle with screw plug and decorative front and reverse, depicting a dragon and a phoenix. Bats are at the upper part.

Natural patina.

67 x 30 x 150 mm. Good condition. The object is appr. 100 years old.

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Chinese Agate Snuff Bottle with Qilin 麒麟

Chinese Agate Snuff Bottle with Qilin

Attractive old Agate snuff bottle – 玛瑙鼻烟壶. Colors ranging from beige to brown and dark brown. The dark areas at the front have been well used to carve a scene. A Qilin (麒麟) is standing on a rock, watching the moon behind clouds.

Agate-metal stopper.

50 x 33 x 65 mm (without stopper), 79 gram, well hollowed.

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Antique Chinese Huang Hua Li Brush Container 黄花梨笔筒

Antique Chinese Huang Hua Li Brush Container


Attractive antique Huang Hua Li 黄花梨 (Dalbergia odorifera, or fragrant rosewood) brush pot, appr. 100 years old. Pleasing grain, darker at rims at top and bottom.

Height: 18 cm (7,3 in), diameter: 17 cm (6,9 in). Good condition, no blemishes.

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Weird 17-18th CT Copper Engraving with Chinese Idols

17-18th Century Copper Engraving: Chinese Idols. Weird.: “Vitel ou Ninifo, Copper Print, 8.6 x 6,4 in ( actual image print size ), by the famous artist Bernard Picart ( 1673 – 1733 ), engraver on wood and metal, draughtsman and miniaturist.

Copper Engraving Chinese Idols

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The image shows a huge Buddha statue in a Chinese Temple, rather looking kike a western church. Demons an both sides of the statue, Chinese worshiping.

This is an original, NO reproduction.”

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Very attractive China Seal with Dragon signed 牧石

Very attractive Chinese Seal with Dragon

Very attractive Chinese chop, dragon with pearl as handle. Grey Shou-Shan stone with lighter part as handle. Skillful carving, using the lightest part for carving of the pearl.

As actual seal engraved are 4 characters: Jia Qi Shi Jiang 嘉气始降 (auspicious power is coming down).

Engraved in spring 1872, signed Mushi 牧石.

Very good side engraving with details to seal, date and seal carver.

1,2 x 1,2 x 3,5 inches (31 x 30 x 88 mm), 200 gram, very fine condition.
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Set of Qing Dynasty Wooden Wine Cups

Six Chinese Wooden Cups from Qing Dynasty

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Six antique Chinese wooden cups, outside carved, inside coated. Two characters hallmark at inner bottom of the cups. Plum blossoms- and pine tree-motifs have been carved round the cups.

The cups stand 38 mm and are in good condition with minor wear.

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Attractive Chinese Bowl from Song Dynasty

Conical Chinese Bowl from Song-Dynasty Guan Typ

Chinese Bowl from Song-Dynasty Guan Typ

Chinese Bowl from Song-Dynasty Guan Typ


Conical bowl from the Southern Song Dynasty 11.-12. Jhdt. So-called greenware in Guan style with craquelure. White-grey with greenish tone, most green at bottom.

Diameter 17,7 cm, height: 5,2 cm, good condition, no cracks or fissures.

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Antique Seal by Fang Junyi 方濬益

Antique Seal by Fang Junyi


Antique leisure seal by the artist Fang Junyi 方濬益 (? – 1899).
As actual seal 4 characters have been carved: xiang yin yi xin 相印以心 (appraise the seal by your heart).

Side inscription with details, dedication and signature.

50 x 18 x 46 mm, good condition.

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