Old photo of German Soldiers in Litsun China 1903

German Soldiers in Litsun China 1903

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China, Germany: Group photo with German marines, at the beginning of last century serving in China, Shandong province, Li Cun.

Private photo from 1903. 12 x 9,2 cm, good condition.
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Barbers in the Streets of Tientsin. Postcard, Russian Post. 1907

Barbers in the Streets of  Tientsin. Postcard, Russian Post. 1907

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Chinese vintage postcard, depicting barbers and their customers in Tianjin (Tientsin).
Franked with an overprinted 5 Kopek stamp, Russian cancellation from 1907.
Neat writing, fine condition.

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Old China: Jinan Fu Main Street. Vintage Postcard 1907.

Old China: Jinan Fu Main Street. Vintage Postcard 1907

Impressive old postcard ” Tsinanfu, Hauptstrasse”. The postcard depicts a crowded street, heading to the city-gate.

The postcard was sent Tsingtau ( Qingdao ) to a well known addressee, Mrs. Marie Baron Werner in Wien.

Sent via Siberia, fine condition.

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Boxer Rebellion. War in China: Litho Postcard from 1900.

Boxer Uprising: Lithographed mocking postcard: China as old lady barricaded behind Peking city gate. In front of the gate are the western allies, trying to get in.

Inscription: „Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt, ahnt, was wir leiden.” ( Who knows yearning only knows about our suffering ).

Sent as postcard from Weissenkirchen to Wolfsburg in Carynthia. Fine condition.
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China 1905: German Infantry Vintage Postcard. Army Cachet

German Infantry in China. Vintage Postcard

Germany, China 1905: b/w postcard, depicting German infantry on horses.

Tianjin Postcard with violet „2. (Berittene) Kompanie, 2. Ostas. Inftr. Regts“ – square cachet .
Tientsin to Neu-Ruppin 1905.

Minor wear.

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Imperial China 1897: Half Cent up to 1 Dollar. Used Stamps.

Imperial China Stamps ( Imperial Chinese Post ). Scott# 86 – 95, used, all with Dollar Daters.

Imperial China Stamps

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No thins. All in all good perforation of the stamps ( looks like the 30 cents is shorter – mis- perforated. The 1 $ stamp has a short tooth ( might be a perforation reason since it doesn’t look like a torn tooth ). The lower right corner has a repair or just a paper remnant with a proof-mark “L”. Slight creasing.

The right lower corner of the 50 cents stamp has a slight rose toning ( probably has been pasted on a Red-Band-Cover ). The 4 cents val comes in a colour variety, brown and olive.

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Chinese Seals at collect.at available again


After recently all our seals (the fourth time so far) have been sold out we start to list good seals again, like this Huang Shiling Leisure Seal

Chinese seal by Huang Shiling
Chinese seal by Huang Shiling

Attractive, green Shou-Shan-stone, engraved by the important seal carver Huang Shiling 黄士陵 (1849-1908).

As actual seal 8 characters have been carved: Guang Xu ershiyi-nian jin shi  光绪二十一年进士 (passed the Imperial exams in the 21st year of the reign of Emperor Guang Xu [1896]).

Side engraving with dedication to a certain Mr. Xue Cen  雪岑先生属士陵.

15 x 15 x 60 mm, good condition.

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Old Chinese Scholar’s Rock made of Shou Shan Stone

Old Chinese Scholar’s Rock, Shou Shan Stone

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Attractive, semi-transparent Shoushan stone a so-called scholar’s rock, resting on a fitting stand. Beige-rose color, very pleasing shape. Margin piece with “skin”.

Height: 8,5 cm. Horizontal line as part of the stone, not going through the whole stone.

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Imperial China: German Lager at Tongku. Scarce Vintage Postcard.

China, Tongku. German Lager. Vintage Postcard. Tsingtau, Tongku, app. 1900:

b/w postcard with view at the Lager of the German Forces.

Unused postcard in very fine condition.

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Sven Hedin Autograph on Photo, signed twice

Sven Hedin Autograph. Photo signed twice


Sven Hedin: Portrait photo-postcard signed by Hedin twice, at front and at reverse.

4,1 x 5,9 inches (104 x 148 mm). Very fine condition.

The Autograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Sven Anders Hedin (1865 – 1952) was a Swedish geographer, topographer, explorer, photographer, and travel writer, as well as an illustrator of his own works. During four expeditions to Central Asia he discovered the Transhimalaya (once named the Hedin Range in his honor) and the sources of the Brahmaputra, Indus and Sutlej Rivers, Lake Lop Nur, and the remains of cities, grave sites and the Great Wall of China in the deserts of the Tarim Basin. The posthumous publication of his Central Asia atlas marked the conclusion of his life’s work.

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