Chinese Leisure Seal: Hong Hua Fu Rong Shou Shan, 4 Characters

Chinese Leisure Seal:  Hong Hua Fu Rong Shou Shan, 4 Characters

Nice, old Chinese seal made of Shou Shan Hong Hua Fu Rong – Stone 寿山红花芙蓉石. Engraving of a landscape on all 4 sides with 2 scholars standing next a pine tree. 4 characters as actual seal: Bu He Shi Yi  不合时宜 ( untimeliness).

Side-carving with the name of the seal carver, Shi San 石三.
Valuable, beautiful stone, well carved and in very fine condition.

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Faceted Green Peking Glass Snuff Bottle

Green Peking Glass faceted Snuff Bottle.

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Chinese very nicely faceted, green Peking glass snuff bottle, octagonal at top, hexagonal at lower part.

Diameter: 34 mm, height: 61 mm (without stopper).

Attractive, old snuff bottle with no faults, good condition.

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老 中国 照片 要卖. Impressive old China Photo, Cizhou City Wall

Impressive old China Photo, Cizhou City Wall

Atmospheric, old Chinese Photo of Cizhou (Hebei). The photo depicts the Cizhou city-Wall, the entrance-gate, baskets piled along the wall and men with a wheel-barrow.

The photo is from pre-1925.

5,8 x 4,2 inches. Fine condition.

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Qing Dynasty Photo Album with Li Hongzhang Photo李鸿章照片

Old Chinese Photo Album with Li Hongzhang Photo.

Antique Japanese lacquer photo-album, well filled ( both sides front and reverse) with photos from the end of the 19th century.

Remarkable are the photos with Li Hongzhang or Li Hung-chang 李鸿章 (1823 – 1901), who was a leading statesman of the late Qing Empire. He quelled several major rebellions and served in important positions of the Imperial Court, including the premier viceroyalty of Zhili. In the 1860s he visited Germany, meeting Bismarck and Wilhelm II.

The other photos are mostly about this group of artists, who visited China and performed there. Some photos of military, ship crew and even a photo of Coatham Road Redcar (UK), probably the hometown of the group.

The album is 7,4 x 5,4 inches (18,7 x 13,4 cm). Folding album with one fold separated and another roughly repaired. The photos are mostly in good quality.

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Chinese Leisure Seal by Li Fuyu 李伏雨

Chinese leisure seal by the known artist Li Fuyu 李伏雨 (1924-1995). Beige-grey stone with 4 characters engraved: 月台环翠 yue tai Huan Cui (railway platform to Hancui).


Size: 18 x 18 x 48 mm, good condition.

Side engraving with details. 一九七四年一月三十日灯下,伏雨制

The seal was carved in 1974.


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Buddha Avalokiteshvara Bronze in Ming Style

Qing Dynasty Buddha Bronze in Ming Style.

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Qing Dynasty Bronze: Seated Buddha Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin) with scepter, wearing an openwork crown.

Detailed, fine work, rich ornaments.

According Ming-style the figure has a large head and a gentle smile.

Attractive natural patina. The bronze is approximately 100 years old.

Height: 30,5 cm, width: 21 cm, weight: 3,9 kg. Very good condition.

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王千鼻烟壶 Wang Qian Painted Snuff Bottle

Inside Painted Snuff Bottle by Wang Qian

Chinese Snuff Bottle Inside Painted by Wang Qian
Decorative old Chinese snuff bottle. Peking glass with scholars reading poems at front and reverse, overlaid cranes on both sides. Delicately executed. Painted by the renowned artist Wan Qian 王千.
Artist signed: Wang Qian 王千
43 x 26 x 62 mm, good condition.


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Pair of Qing Dynasty Hardwood Lions

Pair of Qing Dynasty Hardwood Lions

Chinese boxwood carvings Chinese boxwood carvings

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China, Qing Dynasty: Very attractive pair of hardwood Foo Lions. Strong expressions, delicately carved.

The female lion has a cub in her paws, the male holds a ball.

Both objects are in very good condition with no parts missing and no cracks.Appr. 15,6 x 4,5 x 9,2 cm.  More Chinese Antiques: HERE