Chinese Leisure Seal by Fang Gao 方镐篆刻

Chinese Leisure Seal by Fang Gao

Chinese leisure seal, grey stone, engraved by the renowned seal Fang Gao 方镐 (? – 1906).
As actual seal 7 characters have been engraved: 风月纵横玉笛中 feng yue zonghang yu di zhong ( wind and moon move with great ease, in-between the jade flute [sexual innuendo]).

Long side engraving with details.

26 x 26 x 42 mm, good condition.

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Zhu Zunyi Leisure Seal – 朱尊一篆刻

Chinese Leisure Seal by Zhu Zunyi

Chinese Seal by Zhu Zunyi, Dragon with Pearl

Attractive Shou-shan –stone seal, engraved by the seal carver Zhu Zunyi 朱尊一.

A dragon with light pearl as handle.

As seal 5 characters are engraved: 千岩秋气高 qian yan qiu qi gao (The odour of the autumn hangs high over the 1000 cliffs).

Side engraving: Zunyi 尊一

19 x 20 x 44 mm, good condition.

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Yang Zhangzi Leisure Seal. Oval Stone Chop. 楊仲子篆刻

Yang Zhangzi Leisure Seal. Oval Stone Chop

Yang Zhangzu Leisure Seal


Oval-shaped stone leisure seal by the renowned artist 楊仲子 Yang Zhongzi (1885 – 1962).

As actual seal 7 characters have been carved: 精神內定,心目外定 jingshen neiding, xinmu wai ding (spirit should calm down ones inside, mood define ones outer world).
14 x 42 x 33 mm, side engraving, good condition.

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Dong Zuobin Leisure Seal. Qing Tian Dong Stone

董作賓 Dong Zuobin Seal Qing Tian Dong Liao Stone

Very attractive seal by the famous calligrapher and seal-carver 董作賓 Dong Zuobin (1895-1963).

White-ocher 青田冻 Qing Tian Dong Liao stone. As seal engraved are the 4 characters: 得之歡喜 De Zhi Huan Xi (I am happy). The artist name is engraved a tone side of the seal.

9 x 10 x 47 mm, very fine condition.

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Antique Chinese Bronze of a Qilin

Qing Dynasty Bronze Qilin

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Attractive bronze with strong expression, depicting a Qilin, a mythical hooved Chinese chimerical creature. Warm, natural patina.

The bronze stands somewhat uneven and there is a small hole form corrosion at the neck of the Qilin. Otherwise fine condition.

17 x 7 x 14 cm (7 x 3 x 5,5 inches), 756 gram.

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Antique Chinese White Jade Snuff Bottle with Manchurian Text

Antique Chinese Jade Snuff Bottle with Manchu Text

antique Jade snuff bottle
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Metal-Stopper with coral top.Attractive Chinese snuff bottle from the Qing period. White Jade, one side with Chinese, one with Manchurian characters.

56 x 25 x 61 mm, good condition.

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Antique Chinese Container for Ink in Shape of Cicada

Old China: Container for Ink in Cicada Shape

antique Chinese Container for Ink

China: Antique metal-box (brass/alpaca) in shape of a cicada. It can be opened and closed at the wings. Embossed hall-mark „ Wan Li“ 莞礼.

The object is in fine condition.5,4 x 2,45 x 0,8 inches
(137 x 66 x 21 mm) when opened. 94 gram.

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Dong Shouping Painting, Bamboo 董寿平画

Dong Shouping Painting, Bamboo

Wonderful painting by Dong Shouping (1904 – 1997) , Bamboo, 墨竹.

Inscription by the artist, 2 seals by the artist Dong Shouping 董寿平.

Size: L:27.5 in × W:19.00 inches.

Mounted with silk frame. Not as scroll.

Dong Shouping is famous for his bamboo paintings and landscapes.

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