Chinese Snuff Bottle Inside Painting Lacquer Overlay Qing Dynasty

Inside painted Snuff bottle overlaid with lacquer. Qing Dynasty

Inside painted Snuff bottle overlaid with lacquer, Qing Dynasty. Round shape with 3 scenes: Landscape, plants, ladies.

End of 19th century (app. 1880).

It comes in an authentic, red cover, made of of velvet. 2,8 x 9,8 cm / 3.8 x 1.2 inches.
Good condition.

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Chinese Leisure Seal by Huang Hanzhong 黄汉中

Chinese Leisure Seal by Huang Hanzhong 黄汉中

Small boulder by the artist Huang Hanzhong 黄汉中 (1914-1970). The seal was carved in 1964.

As actual seal 4 characters have been carved: ming yue fei lai 明月非来 (the shiny moon comes flying).

Side engraving with date and signature.

20 x 10 x 42 mm, good condition.

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Old Chinese Silver Bracelet with Cinnabar Panels Art Deco

Old Chinese Silver Bracelet with Cinnabar Panels Art Deco

Desirable Chinese Art Deco bracelet with red carved cinnabar bracelet, delicate silver filigree.

The three red cinnabar panels depict the Chinese character shou (寿) longevity and floral decor.

Iit is in perfect condition with a hidden slide clasp and a daintily slim chain. It is hallmarked China Silver and it is very collectible.

Measurements: 7 ½ x 1 5/8 inches (190 x 43 mm), weight 59 gram.

Condition: Very good with no chips or nicks to the cinnabar. This most attractive bracelet shows normal age and is free of verdigris. The clasp is shutting secure.

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田叔达篆刻 Two Leisure Seals by Tian Shuda

2 Chinese Leisure Seals by Tian Shuda in Cassette

Two Tian Shuda leisure seals, beige-grey Shou Shan stones, cut by the important artist Tian Shuda 田叔达, who was also famous as painter and calligrapher.

Very well carved and the upper side with inscriptions.

Each seals is. 21 x 21 x 14 mm.

The wooden cassette is newer.

One seal is engraved: chun feng yang liu wan qian tiao 春风杨柳万千条 ( The spring wind is blowing through myriads of willow branches)

The other one is engraved: Liu yi shen sa jin Shun guang 刘仡神卅舜光 – 600 000 000 Gods – 30 try their best to worship the great Shun.

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Charlie Chaplin Autograph Hand signed Letter

Charlie Chaplin Autograph Hand signed Letter

Charlie Chaplin autograph


Charlie Chaplin Lot: Typed letter, signed by Charlie Chaplin in 1955 plus additional photo which came with the letter.

The Autograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The letter is 5,2 x 6,4 inches ( 13 x 16,3 cm), the photo 3,9 x 6 inches (9,8 x 15,2 cm).

Both have been mounted on cardboard, both are in fine condition.

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, (1889 –1977), known as Charlie Chaplin, was an English comic actor and film director of the silent film era. He became one of the best-known film stars in the world before the end of the First World War.

His most famous role was that of The Tramp, which he first played in the Keystone comedy Kid Auto Races at Venice in 1914. From the April 1914 one-reeler Twenty Minutes of Love onwards he was writing and directing most of his films, by 1916 he was also producing them, and from 1918 he was even composing the music for them. With Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and D. W. Griffith, he co-founded United Artists in 1919.

Chaplin was one of the most creative and influential personalities of the silent-film era. In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked Chaplin the 10th greatest male screen legend of all time.

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Antique China Qian Long Mug for Export 18 Ct

Chinese Mug from Qing Dynasty, Qian Long

Antique Chinese mug Qian Long

Antique Chinese mug Qian Long

Attractive, antique Chinese mug from 18th century, Qing Dynasty, Qian Long era.

Decorative center part with mandarin, his ladies and child next a pavilion at front side and boat and landscape behind. Ornamental decor surrounding the painting. Well painted.

Small knocks at the rim and a part missing at the upper part of the handle.

Diameter: 4 inches, height: 5 inches.

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Artefacts of Indians: Antique Chromo Lithograph from 1902

Decorative old chromolithograph depicting 34 kinds of artefacts, produced by Indians: War flute of the Sioux, pipe of the Blackfeet Indians, tomahawk, shingle, quiver, pot of the Pueblos, spear, arrows, neckband, adornment and others.

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Size: 6,2 x 9,5 inches,

Published by Meyers, litho by Bibliographisches Institut Leipzig.

Colourful, fine condition.

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Chinese Snuff Bottle with Immortal Li Tieguai

Chinese Snuff Bottle with Immortal

Bone snuffbottle Qing Dynasty
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Decorative snuff bottle with immortal, Li Tieguai, with calabash and stick. The snuff bottle is made of bone and designed with Japanese patterns. It has probably produced in Japan for the Chinese market at the first half of last century.

Diameter at bottom: 4,4 cm, height: 8 cm. Fine fissure at upper part of head, otherwise very good condition.

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Chinese Shou Shan Leisure Seal by Lei Yifu 雷怡甫

Chinese Leisure Seal by Lei Yifu, Shou Shan Stone

Attractive Chinese leisure seal, beige-greenish Shoushan-stone, engraved by the known calligrapher and seal carver 雷怡甫 Lei Yifu (1917-1992).
As actual seal engraved are th 4 characters: wei de shi cheng 惟德是程 – Only virtue (the heart) is the rule.
14 x 14 x 62 mm.
Side engraving with details and artist’s name Yifu 怡甫.

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