Qing Dynasty: Blue-white Porcelain Box Double-Happiness

Antique Chinese Porcelain Box Double-Happiness

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China, Qing Dynasty, round blue-white porcelain box with a double-happiness pattern at the top.
Diameter: 3,8 inches, height: 2,2 inches. Minor wear, no cracks.

Those boxes were popular gifts for newly married.

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Antique Chinese Arm Rest Bamboo with Characters engraved, Qing – Republic

Antique Chinese Arm Rest Bamboo with Characters engraved

Antique Chinese Arm Rest Bamboo with Characters engraved

Decorative, antique Chinese armrest made of bamboo, hand-carved with 10 characters engraved. Signed: Zhi Xing 知行.

Interesting shape with one side heavily curled.

220 x 68 x 35 mm (8,8 x 2,7 x 1,3 inches), good condition. End of Qing period – beginning of Republic.

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Imperial China Postal Card, 1 Cent. Scarce French Variety.

Imperial China 1 Cent Postcard, Scarce French Variety.

Imperial China: Postal card with 1 Cent imprint„Chinese Imperial Post“. Scarce French variety „Chine. Carte Postale Avec Response Payee“ – imprint at reverse.

The front page shows an old scholar with his pupil.

Unused, moderate aging, no tears or creasing.

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Chinese Girls, Authentic aAntique China Photo from Studio

Qingdao, Jiaozhou, Two Girls in Photo Studio


Authentic b/w vintage photo of 2 girls with Lily-feet and traditional dresses.

Photograph from a photo studio, appr. 1905.
Small tear at right side has been professionally restored.
10 x 14, 5 cm.

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Chinese Leisure Seal by Weng Danian, 翁大年

Chinese Leisure Seal by Weng Danian. Qing Tian Stone.

China, Qing Dynasty: Attractive seal, dark Qing Tian stone, 青田, with a pair of quails and a Lotus leave as handle. Engraved are 2 characters: 素风 Su Feng (White Wind).

The seal was carved by the famous calligrapher and seal carver 叔均 Shu Jun, better known by his artist name 翁大年 Weng Da Nian (1811-1890).

0,8 x 0,8 x 2,7 inches (20 x 20 x 67 mm), 65 gram, very fine condition.


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Old Chinese Scroll Painting with 100 Sparrows. Qing Dynasty

Old Chinese Scroll with 100 Sparrows. Qing Dynasty Painting

Delicate, antique Chinese painting, depicting 100 sparrows in prunus, bamboo, and flowers. Qing Dynasty.

Signed and with seal by Wang Wu (王武), but painted much later in 18-19th century.

Long scroll: 17 1/4″ x 133″ (338 x 44 cm is the actual painting but broader and longer with margins).

Some 50-60 years ago the scroll has been professionally remounted and space has been added before and after the painting to leave space for calligraphy in case one wants to add some.

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Antique Chinese Ink Block. Qing Dynasty, Qian Long, Yi Zhai- Studio

Antique Chinese Ink Block. Qing, Qian Long

antique Chinese ink block antique Chinese ink block

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Antique Chinese ink. Red ink-block with scholar in a pagoda amidst trees.Very decorative.

Qing Dynastie: 乾隆年制 Qian Long Nian Zhi – mark at one end and 抑斋藏墨 Yi Zhai Zang Mo at the other.

The ink-block is in good condition and there are only some surface fissures due to age.

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China Chinkiang Post. Local Post Stamps on Postcard 1900

Imperial China 1900: Chinkiang Post. Peking vintage postcard (railway station and coal hill ) with 3 Jinjiang ( Chinkiang ) stamps.

Chinkiang Post
Chinkiang Post

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Sent as postcard from Chinkiang to Altenburg in Germany. Forwarded by French Post in China. Altenburg – arrivalmark.

Franked by a 15 Cents and 2 Half-cents local stamps, tied by bilingual Chinkiang Postal Service – cancellations.

Fine condition. Very scarce!

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Chinese Seal by Shun Fu, 顺甫, Qing Dynasty

Chinese Seal by Shun Fu. Qing Dynasty.

Decorative, antique, Chinese seal, brown-ochre stone.

As actual seal engraved are the characters: zhi zhi qu zhi, zhu ren wang ren, zhu de bu de.

主知去知, 主仁忘仁, 主德不德.

The master has knowledge and neglects knowledge
the master knows humane and forgets about humane
the master know morals and is not moral

Fo-lion as handle, side engraving with artist name, Shun Fu, 顺甫.
It might be by the important seal-carver Qian Shanyang 钱善扬 ( 1765-1807) , whose artist name was Shu Fu 顺甫 . No guarantee.

29 x 19 x 54 mm, 63 gram, fine condition.

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Chinese Shou Shan Leisure Seal from Qing Dynasty

Antique Chinese Shou Shan Leisure Seal

Qing Dynasty: Attractive Chinese Shou Shan Leisure Seal. Brown-ocher stone with scenic side engraving, depicting scholars amidst pine trees and rocks.

As actual seal 6 characters are engraved: 白雲深處是吾廬 – The dense white clouds are my hut. (Bai yun shen chu shi wu lu).

Engraved in very beautiful Zhuan-Style.

Side engraving with details to date and seal carver: 佑之刻 You Zhi, April 1851

1,8 x 0,8 x 2,9 inches (40 x 22 x 70 mm), 101 gram. Very fine condition.
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