Imperial Austria Postcard: Emperor Franz Josef attacked by Bull. Scarce Mocking Postcard

WWI Emperor Franz Josef Mocking Postcard Corrida Motif

WWI: Corrida de Toros. Per carta amico non lasciarti infilzare.

Lithographed mocking postcard depicting a torrero and Austrian Emperor Francis Josef, hit by a bull.
Artist signed. Unused, good condition.

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W.W.II.: Authentic Yellow Badge, Star of David, with Certificate

W.W.II.: Authentic Yellow Badge, Star of David, with Certificate

Authentic Jewish-badge, unused, good condition.
This Yellow Badge comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The yellow badge (or yellow patch), also referred to as a Jewish badge, was a cloth patch that Jews were ordered to sew on their outer garments in order to mark them as Jews in public. This one comes from a family in Wien.

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China 1905: German Infantry Vintage Postcard. Army Cachet

German Infantry in China. Vintage Postcard

Germany, China 1905: b/w postcard, depicting German infantry on horses.

Tianjin Postcard with violet „2. (Berittene) Kompanie, 2. Ostas. Inftr. Regts“ – square cachet .
Tientsin to Neu-Ruppin 1905.

Minor wear.

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German War Ship Gefion Postcard Boxer Rebellion

German Steamer S. M. Gefion Trading Card Coffee. Boxer Rebellion

German Steamer Gefion postcard

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Decorative vintage postcard depicting the German WWI steamer Gefion. Portrait of Prince Heinrich.
Used as advertising postcard: “Thüringer Kaffee-Würze, feinste Kaffeeverbesserungsmittel”.
Unused postcard in very good condition.

Gefion initially served with the main German fleet and frequently escorted Kaiser Wilhelm II’s yacht Hohenzollern on trips to other European countries, including a state visit to Russia in 1897. In late 1897, Gefion was reassigned to the East Asia Squadron; she arrived there in May 1898.
The ship took part in the Battle of Taku Forts in June 1900 during the Boxer Rebellion in China.
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Boxerrebellion, China: Authentic Sword, captured by German soldiers

China, Boxer-Rebellion: Sword, captured from Rebels. Authentic.

Ming Dynasty Jade

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Boxerrebellion, China: Authentic Sword, used by rebels, captured by German soldiers. This sabre was used by Boxer rebels and later was presented to a German marine as honor.

Engraved in the blade are the characters „NAN-HUNG-MEN“.

95 cm long (37,5 inches) . The sabre in in fine condition, also the scabbard in fine ( only moderate war).

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China Boxer Rebellion Mocking Postcard. 1900




Scarce Litho-postcard from the time of the Boxer Upraise in China, 1900. Mocking postcard depicting western soldiers, quarreling.

A Chinese smiling.Used as postcard in 1900. Faults at upper margin. Scarce.

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Felix Graf Luckner Autograph: Hand-signed Photo. CoA

Felix Graf Luckner Autograph: Hand-signed Photo. CoA

We have added a new lane: World War 1 relics – photos postcards, documents, autographs like:

Earl Felix Luckner b/w photograph with authentic signature by Earl Luckner, hand-signed.
4 x 6 inches, very fine condition.

The Autograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Felix Graf von Luckner (1881 -1966) was a German nobleman, navy officer, author and noted sailor who earned the epithet Der Seeteufel (the Sea-Devil) — and his crew that of Die Piraten des Kaisers (the Emperor’s Pirates) — for his exploits in command of the sailing commerce raider SMS Seeadler (Sea Eagle) in 1916-1917.

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