Imperial China: Postcard with Missionaries. Tsintau Cancelation

1898: b/w postcard depicting German missionaries on the leave. German soldiers and Chinese seeing them off.

Attached is a German 10 Pfennig stamp with a China imprint, tied by a TSINTAU China 26/12 98 – cancellation. Wilhelmshaven arrival mark.

Slight wear, a few brown spots form aging at the top border.

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Chinese Bible from 1862 by Father Brueyre 與艾方濟.

China, Qing Dynastiy: Chinese Bible from 1862 by Father Brueyre 與艾方濟.


Very scarce religious book , published in China by the French Jesuit Father P. B. Brueyre S. J. 與艾方濟
Wood-print 1862, 46 pages, Chinese binding. Oval label at cover: „ Ste Josephi. Magna Sinarum Patroni Sanctus mensis Sinica. Auctore P. B. Brueyere S. J. Pro  Bibliotheca Viennensis Sve Jesu mittit Preap. Gen. Petrus Bectesc”.

All over the centuries it has been kept in a hard box and thus it is in very fine condition. Size of book: 5,4 x 9 inches, size of box: 6,2 x 9,5

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