Antiques and unique Collectibles Japanese Occupation in Malaysia. Registered Mail

Japanese Occupation in Malaysia. Registered Mail: Great cover with 7 surcharged stamps Japanese Occupation in Malaysia.

2 x 50 Cents, 2 x 1 Dollar, 3 x 2 Dollars. Mixed franking with stamps from Straits Settlement, Selangore, Johore. Japanese Censor-mark at the back side.

Syonan – arrival strike. Clean and fresh, very fine condition, ready for display.

Japanese Occupation in Malaysia Registered Mail
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1930: Malaya – Johor / Singapore. Registered Letter with 7 Stamps Antiques and unique Collectibles

1930: Malaya – Johor / Singapore. Registered Letter with 7 Stamps:

1930: Malaysia. Registered letter, multicolor franking, sent Kota Tinggi to Singapore.


 Malaysian Registered Letter

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Multicolor franking including Block / 4 of Jahore 3 cents vals. Clear Kota Tinggi Dec. 27th 1930 cancellations.

Singapore arrival strike at back. Fine condition.

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Hong Kong 1899: Postcard to Wien. Paquebot Antiques and unique Collectibles Hong Kong 1899: Postcard to Wien. Paquebot: “Hong Kong, tinted postcard of a market in the streets of Hongkong. The post card has a pair of 2 cents stamps attached, tied by “Hong Kong E Oct 23. 99″ – cancellation.

French Paquebot cancellation ” PAQ. Fr. N 2.”. Wien arrival mark: 2. 12. 99

Very fine condition.

Hongkong post card

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Cricket Fight: Chinese Postcard from Boxer Rebellion Periode

Cricket Fight in China: Boxer Rebellion Postcard

Imperial China, Deutsche Post 1901: Decorative vintage postcard depicting 3 Chinese gentlemen with pigtail, standing around a table, enjoying a cricket fight.

Sent as postcard from Shanghai to Germany. Shanghai 25/2 01 Deutsche Post – cancellation.

Light corner creasing.

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