Large Blue White Brush Container Qing Dynasty Kang Xi Bottom Mark

Large Blue White Brush Container Qing Dynastie


Large blue-white Chinese brush container for Qing Dynasty period. The image depicts an official with his men visiting a scholar. Good painting. 康熙年制 Kang Xi nian zhi – bottom mark but later date.

Diameter: 19,7 cm. Height: 15,5 cm. Good condition, no blemishes.

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Attractive Chinese Bowl from Song Dynasty

Conical Chinese Bowl from Song-Dynasty Guan Typ

Chinese Bowl from Song-Dynasty Guan Typ

Chinese Bowl from Song-Dynasty Guan Typ


Conical bowl from the Southern Song Dynasty 11.-12. Jhdt. So-called greenware in Guan style with craquelure. White-grey with greenish tone, most green at bottom.

Diameter 17,7 cm, height: 5,2 cm, good condition, no cracks or fissures.

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Old Chinese Yixing Teapot by Zhao Quanyin 邵权寅宜兴紫砂壶

Old Chinese Yixing Teapot by Zhao Quanyin

Wonderful yixing teapot from the Qing-Dynasty 19th ct. (Tongzhi – Daoguang), marked Quan Yin She Ji 权寅赦记and 2 smaller seals.

This manufactory for yixing-teapots (宜兴紫砂壶Yi Xing zisha hu) has been founded in 1890 by Zhao Quanyin(邵权寅) , one of the most famous artists for teapots.

The quality of the clay is extremely good so the surface is shiny.

Size: 16 x 12 x 9 cm, very good condition.

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Slim Chinese Brush Pot 和合二仙笔筒, Han Shan and Shi De.

Slim Chinese Brush Pot with Han Shan and Shi De

Slim Chinese Brush Pot

Decorative slim brush pot, depicting the legendary figures Han Shan and Shi De ( 和合二仙笔筒 ). White porcelain with color painting, some spots heightened. Bottom mark: Tang Zi Zhen Hua (唐子桢画).
The object is from the Qing Dynasty, standing 5 inches high, diameter 2,5 in.

Minor wear, no fissures or other faults.
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Decorative old Chinese Porcelain Brush Container from Qing Dynasty

Qing Dynasty Brush Container with blue Lion


Decorative old Chinese porcelain brush container from Qing Dynasty, 19. ct.
光绪 Guang Xu period.

Blue lion and Chinese characters. Red bottom mark 李金顺造 (Li Jin Shun Zao).

Diameter: 7 cm, height: 10,7 cm, good condition.

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Pair of Qing Dynasty Plates on Stand, 18. Century 三星盘

China: Pair of Qing Dynasty Plates on Stand, 18. Century

Imperial China, Qing Dynasty: Pair of blue-white plates with 3 men on each. ” men are visiting a higher ranking official and present gifts. 2 bats symbolize good luck

Diameter: 6,1 inches ( 15,5 cm). There are a few minor knocks at the rim otherwise good condition.
The objects are from 18th century, Yong Zheng periode (1723-1736) 雍正青花盘, 民窑..

Plates with this motif are known as san xing pan 三星盘.

The stands are new.

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