German Post in China: 50 Pfg Block of 4 small lot

German Post in China: 50 Pfg Block of 4 small lot: “German Post in China: 50 Pfennig val as block of four. This is the more expensive variety, Michel# 50b ( 50b was in use from 1890-91 ).

SHANGHAI 17/4 90 cancellation. Expertised by Dr. Steurer.

Additional small lot of stamps from 1898 ? 1905, including ? Dollar val. With watermark as Michel# 44 A I a.

No junk, clean lot. Catalog value is $ 700. Details HERE

1929: Switzerland. Scarce Courvoisier Postcard as Air Mail Entire – col7687

This is a postcard has been designed by Jules Courvoisier ( artist signed ) and has been issued for fundraising ( Schweizer Nationalspende ).

Courvoisier was famous as designer for posters. At the front side we see 2 boy scouts with the Swiss flag.

Courvoisier Postcard
Courvoisier Postcard

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Hong Kong 1899: Postcard to Wien. Paquebot Antiques and unique Collectibles Hong Kong 1899: Postcard to Wien. Paquebot: “Hong Kong, tinted postcard of a market in the streets of Hongkong. The post card has a pair of 2 cents stamps attached, tied by “Hong Kong E Oct 23. 99″ – cancellation.

French Paquebot cancellation ” PAQ. Fr. N 2.”. Wien arrival mark: 2. 12. 99

Very fine condition.

Hongkong post card

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Imperial China Postcard 1 Cent, Boxer Rebellion Period

Imperial China Postcard Boxer Rebellion

chinese postal card 1 cent
chinese postal card 1 cent
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Imperial China, Boxer Upraise 1901: Imperial Chinese Post 1 Cent postal-card.
Peking Deutsche Post 20/1 01 – cancellation.

Square violet strike: S. B. 1/l Oa. J. R. and Bestellt – strike. Good condition.

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Shanghai World War II: Censored Cover from Shanghai to Denmark

Shanghai 1941: Censored Cover from Shanghai to Denmark

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Shanghai 1941: Cover from Shanghai to the Copenhagen, multicolor franking, 2 x SYS 30 Fen + martys 20 Fen, tied by bilingual Shanghai cancellation. Nazi censored, red Oberkommando der Wehrmacht strike.

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1930: 1st Swiss Glider Flight. Litho Postcard by Verneuil:

Swiss Glider Flight

“Attractive lithographed postcard. Artist signed MP. Verneuil, printed by H. Vontobeln, Feldmeilen. Most decorative design of children at a bonfire with Swiss flags.

Entire with an imprinted 40 cents stamp as Scott# C14.

” 1. Schweiz. Segelluftpost. 30. VIII 30. Bachtel ” – cancellation.

Bubikon, 31. VIII 30, Zurich – arrival strike. Scarce.”

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Japanese Post in Tianjin: Scarce Cancellation on Postcard

Old China, Tientsin: Tinted postcard with nice street view at the Japanese Concession. Tram, Rickshaw, police-man…

Tientsin Tinted postcard Tientsin postcard

Franked with a 1 Sen stamp with China – imprint. Scarce cancellation ( phantasy strike ? ) .

Sent by a soldier of the 16th regiment of the Infanterie Coloniale, Arsenal de l’ Est , sent to Graz in Austria.

Very fine condition.

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