China Brush Pot, Famille Verte 江西瓷业公司

Famille Verte China Brush Container

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China, Republic Period. Famille vert brush container with landscape scene at front side and calligraphy ate reverse. Delicately executed.
江西瓷业公司 – Jiangxi ciye gongsi bottom mark.

Diameter: 4,5 inches, Height: 5 inches.

A few small faults from burning process.

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Liu Shuduo Leisure Seal with meaningful Words

Chinese Leisure Seal by Liu Shuduo 刘叔度 with meaningful Words


Decorative stone-seal wit a stylized dragon a the front side an details beneath (date, signature).
Great carving of the 6 characters: 君子之量容人 junzi zhi liang rongren [the tolerance of the noble man towards Fellow) men]. The seal is from 1932.

34 x 14 x 34 mm. Good condition. (What looks like knocks at the upper rim surely was deliberately made by the seal carver. This artifice was mostly used at the bottom side to make the seal look old or just to break up the neat borders).

劉叔度, Liu Shuduo 1894 – 1942 was a know seal carver oft he late Qing. Qing- and Republic-periode.

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业奉棋 鼻烟壶. Desirable, beautiful Crystal Rock Snuff Bottle by Ye Fengqi

Crystal Rock Snuff Bottle, inside Painting, Ye Fengqi.


Desirable, beautiful crystal rock snuff bottle by Ye Fengqi, a son of master Ye Zhongsan and brother of the also famous Ye Xiaofeng.
The snuff bottle comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 2,5 x 1,2 x 3,4

One side of the bottle shows the poet Li Taibo with a pupil. At the reverse is a dedication to the famous master of Peking Opera, Shang Xiaoyun (1900-1976), an important actor of Dan-roles.
Signed Ye Fengqi, 1931.

Coral stopper, Silver spoon. Fine condition.

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Jewish Refugee in Shanghai 1940 Document

Authentic Document Jewish Refugee in Shanghai 1940

Directory of Jewish Refugees form of an Austrian Jewish lady, who fled to Shanghai at the beginning of World War II.

Violet: „Committee for the Assistance of European Jewish Refugees in Shanghai. Disbursement and Housing Committee” – strike (犹太避难民调查表). Green strike April 1940 .

22 x 30 cm. Folded, minor foxing otherwise good condition.

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Chinese Seal by Xi Ling Society Vice President Fang Jiekan

Chinese Seal by Xi Ling Society Vice President Fang Jiekan 方介堪

Beautiful Chinese seal made of Xi Guan Tian stone 溪管田 ( Shou Shan ), engraved are 3 characters <朱紫虹 ( Zhu Zi Hong – red-violet rainbow).

The seal was engraved in 1935 be the known artist Fang Jiekan 方介堪 ( 1901-1987), who was Vice-president of the important seal carver society Xi-ling Yin-she 西玲印社

Details with artist’s name, date as side-carving.
0,9 x 0,9 x 4,1 inches (24 x 23 x 105 mm), 149 gram, very fine condition.

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方介堪(1901 – 1987),原名文渠,字溥如,后改名岩,字介堪,以字行,永嘉城区(今温州鹿城区)人。篆刻家,曾任西泠印社副社长、全国书法家协会名誉理事、中日兰亭书会名誉顾问。

Old Chinese Certificate with Sun Yat Sen Portrait and Building

Old Chinese Certificate with Sun Yat Sen Portrait and Building


China, app. 1930, probably a receipt, 27.8 x 18.2 cm (8,5 x 11 inches), blue, black, one corner repaired, vignette of Sun Zhong Shan and of an government building.
Larger red seal imprint, 2 smaller ones in red and a black fee-stamp, additional Qingdao strike in violet and some writing by hand.

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Chinese Leisure Seal by Han Dengan. 韩登安图章

Chinese Leisure Seal by Han Dengan. Slogan

Attractive Chinese seal carved by the known seal carver Han Dengan (1905 – 1976). Engraved is a slogan, (Ban Zhu Yi Zhi Qian Di Lei  – Owner of 1000 Trops of Tears,斑竹一枝千滴泪

Side-carving with rock and bamboo and the name of the seal carver, Hang Ren Han Dengan Ke 杭人韩登安刻.

Very well carved stone in very fine condition.

0,6 x 0,8  x 2,8 inches (13 x 20 x 64 mm). 44 gram.

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Set of old Chinese Patong 白铜 Paper Weights

Decorative old set of Chinese Patong (Baitong 白铜) paper weights, used by painters and calligraphers.

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The set is from the Republic period and in good condition. Some patina, artist signed.

Decorative design with fish under lotus leaves.

Size: 29 x 256 x 10 mm each, 622 gram (quite heavy).