Three Chinese Leisure Seals by 陈瑞珍 寿銶 and 邓大川

3 Chinese Leisure Seals Shoushan Stones

Lot of 3 smaller seals by know seal carvers. Shoushan stones, grey – beige. Good quality.

Round seal: Chen Ruizhen – 陈瑞珍
Small seal: Shou Qiu – 寿銶
White seal: Deng Dachuan – 邓大川

All three have been very well carved and are in good condition
5-8 x 40-53 mm.
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Chinese Leisure Seal by Bo Yuan 伯元

Chinese Leisure Seal by Bo Yuan


Attractive, antique Qing-Dynasty seal by Li Jiabao 李嘉宝 (Bo Yuan 伯元, 1867 – 1906). Natural stone with skin and 2 sides.

Long text as actual seal: yin guan shan fu ting ni zhu shu zhi shi 仰观山附听泉傍睨竹树之石 (looking up to the Taoist temple on the mountain, listening to the spring and approaching in askance to bamboo and stone).

Signed Bo Yuan 伯元 at front end.

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Wang Daxin Leisure Seal 王大炘篆刻

Chinese Leisure seal from Qing Dynasty by Wang Daxin 王大炘

Grey stone leisure seal by Wang Daxin (1869-1921).

Engraved as actual seal are 7 characters, a line from the Li Bai poem on Mount Wang Lushan: 吾將此地巢雲松 wu jiang cidi chao yun song (I desire to have my nest in the clouds on this pine tree).
Side inscription with details.
The seal was carved in 1909.

27 x 26 x 44 mm, very fine condition.

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Chinese Leisure Seal by Huang Hanzhong 黄汉中

Chinese Leisure Seal by Huang Hanzhong 黄汉中

Small boulder by the artist Huang Hanzhong 黄汉中 (1914-1970). The seal was carved in 1964.

As actual seal 4 characters have been carved: ming yue fei lai 明月非来 (the shiny moon comes flying).

Side engraving with date and signature.

20 x 10 x 42 mm, good condition.

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田叔达篆刻 Two Leisure Seals by Tian Shuda

2 Chinese Leisure Seals by Tian Shuda in Cassette

Two Tian Shuda leisure seals, beige-grey Shou Shan stones, cut by the important artist Tian Shuda 田叔达, who was also famous as painter and calligrapher.

Very well carved and the upper side with inscriptions.

Each seals is. 21 x 21 x 14 mm.

The wooden cassette is newer.

One seal is engraved: chun feng yang liu wan qian tiao 春风杨柳万千条 ( The spring wind is blowing through myriads of willow branches)

The other one is engraved: Liu yi shen sa jin Shun guang 刘仡神卅舜光 – 600 000 000 Gods – 30 try their best to worship the great Shun.

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Antique Chinese Leisure Seal by Chen Jun 18 Ct

Antique Chinese Leisure Seal by Chen Jun 陈均


Antique Chinese leisure seal, red-grey stone, carved by the artist 陈均 Chen Jun (1779-1828). The four sides show floral decoration.

As seal 8 characters have been carved: 改官淮甸,移籍钱江 gai guan huai dian, yi qi qian jiang (rectify the officials [to love] the Huai-river and pastures, move cash-books and money into the river).

28 x 28 x 90 mm, some traces of usage.

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Decorative old Leisure Seal by Zhu Zhifu 朱志复

Decorative old Leisure Seal by Zhu Zhifu

Attractive Shou-shan leisure seal from Qing Dynasty, carved by the artist Zhu Zhifu.

Seal with 5 characters: 一切皆致诚  yi-qie jie zhi cheng ( dedicate really all to honesty).

Signed at side: 遂生 Sui Sheng

22 x 22 x 43 mm, good condition.

Zhu Zhifu lived in the 19. century.

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Chinese Shou Shan Leisure Seal by Lei Yifu 雷怡甫

Chinese Leisure Seal by Lei Yifu, Shou Shan Stone

Attractive Chinese leisure seal, beige-greenish Shoushan-stone, engraved by the known calligrapher and seal carver 雷怡甫 Lei Yifu (1917-1992).
As actual seal engraved are th 4 characters: wei de shi cheng 惟德是程 – Only virtue (the heart) is the rule.
14 x 14 x 62 mm.
Side engraving with details and artist’s name Yifu 怡甫.

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Chinese Seal by Shun Fu, 顺甫, Qing Dynasty

Chinese Seal by Shun Fu. Qing Dynasty.

Decorative, antique, Chinese seal, brown-ochre stone.

As actual seal engraved are the characters: zhi zhi qu zhi, zhu ren wang ren, zhu de bu de.

主知去知, 主仁忘仁, 主德不德.

The master has knowledge and neglects knowledge
the master knows humane and forgets about humane
the master know morals and is not moral

Fo-lion as handle, side engraving with artist name, Shun Fu, 顺甫.
It might be by the important seal-carver Qian Shanyang 钱善扬 ( 1765-1807) , whose artist name was Shu Fu 顺甫 . No guarantee.

29 x 19 x 54 mm, 63 gram, fine condition.

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