Overlaid Snuff bottle with Dragon Fish, very decorative.

Most attractive overlaid Snuff bottle with Dragon Fish

Most attractive overlaid snuff bottle with Dragon-fish chasing small fish.

Subtle colors of black on green against white background. At the reverse is a flower motif and seals by the artist: Fu shan weng.
42 x 32 x 58 mm (without stopper). Metal stopper, very good condition.

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Inside Painted Snuff Bottle with Grass Hopper

Snuff Bottle with Inside Painting Grass Hopper

Old Chinese snuff bottle from first half of last century. Inside painting with a grass hopper on cabbage (app. 1920-30).

Glass bottle with carved lacquer rims and lacquer stopper.

Height: 75 mm (without stopper), weight: 42 grams (without stopper).

Good condition, no faults.

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