Chinese Shou Shan Leisure Seal by Huang Shaomu

Greyish Chinese Shou Shan leisure seal by the seal carver Huang Shaomu (1879-153). As actual seal 5 characters have been engraved: wen jing suo de jin 问经所得金 Consult the classic books and you will receive gold.


18 x 18 x 49 mm, good condition.

Side carving with signature.

黄少牧 (一八七九——一九五三),名荣廷,一名石,以字行,小名多闻,号问经,又号黄山

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Joe Cocker: Very early Autograph: 8 x 10. CoA – col8748

Joe Cocker: Very early Autograph: 8 x 10. CoA @ collect at at rubylane: “Joe Cocker, autograph from the early 70s.

Size: 8 x 10 inches.

Small faults at back from gluing in an album

The autograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Joe Cocker is one of rock and roll’s enduring performers who has survived the sixties, a low period in the seventies, made a comeback in the eighties, and continues to be a solid and consistent performer in the nineties. His gutsy, gravely, vocal style and unique stage presence make him one of the most dynamic singers in the music industry.

His first great hit was his version of the Beatles song With a Little Help From My Friends”. This album featured guest performers Jimmy Page, Steve Winwood and Matthew Fischer. it became a major highlight of the Woodstock Festival in 1969, and surpasses the original recording by the Beatles. After touring the states, he recorded the album, Joe Cocker!, produced by Leon Russell and Denny Cordell.

His Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour produced an album and a movie detailing the zaniness and the circus-like atmosphere of the forty three person entourage. After this endeavor, Cocker was physically exhausted, emotionally drained, and in trouble legally and financially. He went into seclusion, traveling in his van around England, making an attempt to find himself again.

Collectibles Gustav Husak Autograph. b/w Photo. Authentic Signature, CoA Antiques and unique Collectibles Gustav Husak Autograph. b/w Photo. Authentic Signature, CoA: “Gustav Husak Autograph. b/w Photo, size: 4.2 x 5.9 in. Authentic Autograph, Certificate of Authenticity.

The photo has been pasted in an album and has been removed. Glue remnants / thins at back of the photo.

Gustav Husak,1913-91, Czechoslovakian political leader. A member of the Communist party from 1933, he helped to lead the Slovak national uprising against the German occupation in World War II. After the war he held government and party posts. During the 1951 party purges, he was arrested and imprisoned. He was released in 1960, and was allowed to rejoin the party in 1963. A critic of party secretary Antonin Novotny, he called for political liberalization and Slovakian national autonomy.

Following Novotny’s resignation, Husak became (1968) deputy premier and was an architect of the 1968 reforms. After the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union (Aug., 1968), he became increasingly pro-Soviet. In Apr., 1969, he replaced Alexander Dubcek as Communist party secretary. He renewed Czechoslovakia’s ties with the Soviet Union and reinstituted strong party control over the Czech economy, state, and society. “

German Club Concordia in China. Vintage Postcard 1908

We recently added quite a few old Chinese postcards such as this one:


Vintage colour postcard China: „ German Club „Concordia“, Tientsin“.

Frant view of the German Club in Tianjin. Sent as postcard from Tientsin via Siberia to Michelau in Germany. „Tientsin Deutsche Post 15. 7. 08 „ – cancellation.

Scarce, black „ Lazarett des Ostasiatischen Detatchements Briefstempel „ – cancellation. ( Military hospital of the East-Asian Detachment – Stamp ). Stamp dropped otherwise fine condition.

Brigitte Helm Autograph. Metropolis Actress. CoA.

Collectibles Brigitte Helm Autograph. Metropolis Actress. CoA. Great portrait postcard of Brigitte Helm. Original autograph.

Certificate of Authenticity included.

Brigitte Helm Autograph

Brigitte Helm became famous when she acted – along with Gustav Fröhlich – in Fritz Lang’s classic movie ‘Metropolis’.

Brigitte Helm (March 17, 1908 – June 11, 1996) was a German actress. After Metropolis, Helm made over 30 films, including talking pictures, before retiring in 1936.

Her other appearances include The Love of Jeanne Ney (1927), Alraune (1928), Gloria (1931), The Blue Danube (1932) and Gold (1934).

In 1935, angered by Nazi control of the German film industry, she moved to Switzerland where she later had 4 children with her second husband Dr. Hugo Kunheim, an industrialist. After her retirement from films she refused to grant any interviews concerning her film career.”

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