Red Fu Rong Stone Seal of 吴待秋 Wu Daiqiu

Red Fu Rong Stone Seal of the Painter Wu Daiqiu 吴待秋


China 1915: Very beautiful seal from the possession of the famous painter Wu Daiqiu (1878-1949). Wu has been using this seal on some paintings.

Red Furong stone with a lion as handle and 4 characters as actual seal: Miao Zao Zi Ran 妙造自然 (wonderful creation in natural way).

Wonderful side engraving in Li-shu and Xing-shu style with details zu date and carver.

34 x 33 x 94 mm. Very fine condition.


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Pair of Chinese Famille Rose Vases, Qing Dynasty

Pair of Chinese Famille Rose Vases, Qing Dynasty

Attractive pair of famille rose vases with floral décor (flowers and butterflies).


Blue square bottom mark Yong Zheng nian zhi 雍正年制, but produced later.


Height: 6,7 inches (17 cm). Good condition.


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Attractive antique Chinese Vase from Tang Dynasty 唐朝花瓶

Tang Dynasty Vase 唐朝花瓶


Chinese vase Tang Dynasty

Chinese vase Tang Dynasty

China, Tang Dynasty, 618-907. Attractive Vase, dark brown glaze, lower part unglazed, appealing shape.

Height: 18,5 cm, diameter corpus: 12 cm.Very good condition, no cracks or fissures.


The object comes with a Certificate of Authenticity by Dr. Wolfgang Merkel, Germany.

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Overlaid Snuff bottle with Dragon Fish, very decorative.

Most attractive overlaid Snuff bottle with Dragon Fish

Most attractive overlaid snuff bottle with Dragon-fish chasing small fish.

Subtle colors of black on green against white background. At the reverse is a flower motif and seals by the artist: Fu shan weng.
42 x 32 x 58 mm (without stopper). Metal stopper, very good condition.

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Leisure Seal by Zhou Xu 周旭

Leisure Seal by Zhou Xu


Chinese leisure seal by Zhou Xu 周旭, beige-grey stone with 8 characters as actual seal: 醉盡花柳,賞窮江山 zui jin hua liu shang qiong jiang shan (the drunken, exhausted flowers and willow trees reward the poor rivers and mountains).

28 x 29 x 40 mm. Good condition. Side engraving with details.

Zhou Xu was born in 1950.

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Chinese Seals at available again


After recently all our seals (the fourth time so far) have been sold out we start to list good seals again, like this Huang Shiling Leisure Seal

Chinese seal by Huang Shiling
Chinese seal by Huang Shiling

Attractive, green Shou-Shan-stone, engraved by the important seal carver Huang Shiling 黄士陵 (1849-1908).

As actual seal 8 characters have been carved: Guang Xu ershiyi-nian jin shi  光绪二十一年进士 (passed the Imperial exams in the 21st year of the reign of Emperor Guang Xu [1896]).

Side engraving with dedication to a certain Mr. Xue Cen  雪岑先生属士陵.

15 x 15 x 60 mm, good condition.

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Chinese Leisure Seal by Hu Binshan 胡鼻山篆刻

Chinese Leisure Seal by Hu Binshan

Antique Chinese Seal by Hu Binshan


Desirable antique Chinese seal by the important seal carver Hu Binshan 胡鼻山.

Ochre stone seal with Foo-lion as handle. 4 characters are engraved as actual seal: 晚翠亭长 wan cui ting chang ( the evening is green like Jade, the pavillon stands steadily).

Side inscription: 癸酉三月,新购晚翠亭,匊鄰因製是印

27 x 26 x 50 mm, good condition.

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