Antique Chinese Huang Hua Li Brush Container 黄花梨笔筒

Antique Chinese Huang Hua Li Brush Container


Attractive antique Huang Hua Li 黄花梨 (Dalbergia odorifera, or fragrant rosewood) brush pot, appr. 100 years old. Pleasing grain, darker at rims at top and bottom.

Height: 18 cm (7,3 in), diameter: 17 cm (6,9 in). Good condition, no blemishes.

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Very attractive China Seal with Dragon signed 牧石

Very attractive Chinese Seal with Dragon

Very attractive Chinese chop, dragon with pearl as handle. Grey Shou-Shan stone with lighter part as handle. Skillful carving, using the lightest part for carving of the pearl.

As actual seal engraved are 4 characters: Jia Qi Shi Jiang 嘉气始降 (auspicious power is coming down).

Engraved in spring 1872, signed Mushi 牧石.

Very good side engraving with details to seal, date and seal carver.

1,2 x 1,2 x 3,5 inches (31 x 30 x 88 mm), 200 gram, very fine condition.
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Set of Qing Dynasty Wooden Wine Cups

Six Chinese Wooden Cups from Qing Dynasty

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Six antique Chinese wooden cups, outside carved, inside coated. Two characters hallmark at inner bottom of the cups. Plum blossoms- and pine tree-motifs have been carved round the cups.

The cups stand 38 mm and are in good condition with minor wear.

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Chinese Leisure Seal by Carver Wo Po, 吴朴印章

Chinese Leisure Seal by Carver Wo Po, 吴朴. Good Carving

Attractive Chinese seal, carved by the known seal-carver Wu Po, 吴朴篆刻

Engraved as actual seal are 6 characters, a famous slogan by Mao Zedong: 江山如此多矫, Jiang-shan ru zi duo jiao – This land is so rich in beauty. ).

Very well carved seal in high quality. Side carving with details to date and seal carver. Very fine condition.
0,7 x 0,7 x 2,4 inches (19 x 17 x 65 mm). 45 gram.

Wu Po, 1922 – 1966, from Shaoxing, Jiangxi. He became famous after he carved a well-known seal for Chairman Mao.

吴朴(1922 – 1966),字朴堂,号厚庵,浙江绍兴人。为王福庵侄女婿,篆刻师从王福庵。早年专师浙派,后以秦汉为法,旁及皖派。1963年,全国人大副委员长陈叔通推荐为毛泽东主席刻一方印。

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Chinese Painting of a Peke, Ink and Color on Silk, framed

Chinese Silk Painting of a Peke, framed

Cute old Chinese painting, depicting a Pekingese (Peke). Delicate painting in gongbi-technique, ink and colors on silk.
Matted in traditional Chinese way and later on put in a western frame. Size: 6 x 8 inches ist he actual painting – 11,2 x 13,2 inches is the frame.

Some soiling at the cardboard at the reverse not affecting the painting. The painting is from the first half of last century, Small red artist’s chop at lower left corner.

Attractive Chinese Bowl from Song Dynasty

Conical Chinese Bowl from Song-Dynasty Guan Typ

Chinese Bowl from Song-Dynasty Guan Typ

Chinese Bowl from Song-Dynasty Guan Typ


Conical bowl from the Southern Song Dynasty 11.-12. Jhdt. So-called greenware in Guan style with craquelure. White-grey with greenish tone, most green at bottom.

Diameter 17,7 cm, height: 5,2 cm, good condition, no cracks or fissures.

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Antique Seal by Fang Junyi 方濬益

Antique Seal by Fang Junyi


Antique leisure seal by the artist Fang Junyi 方濬益 (? – 1899).
As actual seal 4 characters have been carved: xiang yin yi xin 相印以心 (appraise the seal by your heart).

Side inscription with details, dedication and signature.

50 x 18 x 46 mm, good condition.

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Leisure Seal by Jin Cheng, Qing Dynasty. 金城篆刻

Antique Chinese Leisure Seal by Jin Cheng, Qing Dynasty 1911

Qing Dynasty: Attractive old Chinese stone seal by the important painter, calligrapher and seal carver Jin Cheng 金城 (1878 – 1967). The seal has been carved in 1911.

4 characters as actual seal: 岂长贫贱 qi chang pinjian ( How long does one need to stay poor and lowly? The line is from an old erotic novel„Lan shi qiguan“ – 古典色情小说《浪史奇观》).

Side engraving with name and date June 1911.
32 x 23 x 36 mm, good condition.

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Antique Chinese Brush Container 36 Stratagems

Antique Chinese Brush Container 36 Stratagems



Exceptional, antique Chinese brush container made of bamboo. Very detailed carving of the 36 war strategies all along the outer wall.

Diameter: appr. 13 cm, Height: ca. 15,9 cm, ( 5,2 x 6,2 inches) good condition. The brush pot is from the beginning of last century.

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The Thirty-Six Stratagems (Chinese: 三十六計; Pinyin: sanshiliu ji)) was a Chinese essay used to illustrate a series of stratagems used in politics, war, as well as in civil interaction.