Liu Shuduo Leisure Seal with meaningful Words

Chinese Leisure Seal by Liu Shuduo 刘叔度 with meaningful Words


Decorative stone-seal wit a stylized dragon a the front side an details beneath (date, signature).
Great carving of the 6 characters: 君子之量容人 junzi zhi liang rongren [the tolerance of the noble man towards Fellow) men]. The seal is from 1932.

34 x 14 x 34 mm. Good condition. (What looks like knocks at the upper rim surely was deliberately made by the seal carver. This artifice was mostly used at the bottom side to make the seal look old or just to break up the neat borders).

劉叔度, Liu Shuduo 1894 – 1942 was a know seal carver oft he late Qing. Qing- and Republic-periode.

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Chinese Leisure Seal by Li Zetai 黎泽泰

Chinese Leisure Seal by Li Zetai

Chinese leisure seal with rat as handle. The seal has been carved by the important seal carver Li Zetai 黎泽泰 (1898-1978).

6 characters as actual seal: lang yin hu shang xiang yue 朗吟湖上香月 (loudly sing on a lake for the bright moon).

Side-engraving with name of the artist.

19 x 19 x 60 mm, good condition.

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Antique Chinese Vase, blue white Craquelure, End of Qing Dynasty

Qing Dynasty Vase, blue white Craquelure

Chinese porcelain vase, from the end of Qing Dynasty.

Round stand, slim corpus with lid.

Floral decoration with birds in blue color against white, sparsely crackled background.

Dark brown rim and stand with floral décor.

Cheng Hua-bottom mark but from later period, 18- 19th century.

Diameter corpus: 8,5 cm, Height: 25 cm. Good condition.

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Chinese Leisure Seal. Attractive Furong Shou Shan. 4 Characters

Chinese Leisure Seal. Attractive Furong Shou Shan. 芙蓉寿山石

Beautiful Chinese seal made of Furong Shou Shan Stone 芙蓉寿山石, beige -red, with lotus leaves and lotus flower as handle. Engraved are 4 characters: Wen Wu shuang Quan 文武双全( Literature and the art or war are both perfect kinds of art). Side carving with the name of the seal carver.

1,3 x1,4 x 2,8 inches (33 x 35 x 70 mm), 173 gram, very fine condition.

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Attractive Chinese Fan, hand painted with Birds and Calligraphy

Chinese Fan: Hand Painted with Birds and Calligraphy

Decorative old fan, paper in wooden frame. Four scenes with birds and longer calligraphy right of the paintings. Artist signed and seal-imprints of the artist.
Nice paintings and very neat hand writing.


The fan comes from a well cultivated collection and is in very good condition.

Size: 18 x 10,9 inches ( 47 x 27 cm).

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Chinese Leisure Seal with Attractive Dragon Handle

Chinese Leisure Seal with Attractive Dragon Handle

Old Chinese leisure seal (app. 10 years old). Brown stone with a powerful dragon carved as handle.

8 characters engraved as actual seal.

Side engraving with the seal carvers name Rong Zhuang. No guarantee that the seal is really by him. The side engraving might be of later date.

Size: 1,8 x 1,9 x 2,4 inches. 143 gram. Fine condition

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Qing Dynasty Seal: Fu Rong Stone. Very attractive. 石科印章

Qing Dynasty Seal: Fu Rong Stone. Very attractive.

Very attractive Chinese Seal from Qing-Dynasty. Fu-Rong stone with handle in shape of old lotus leaves.

As actual seal engraved are 2 characters: Shuo Tang (great hall).

Side engraving with the name oft he artist: 石科 Shi Ke (zuo).

18 x 15 x 65 mm. 44 gram. Very fine condition.

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