Chinese Seal made of Bamboo, 18.-19. Ct.

Antique Chinese Seal made of Bamboo

Decorative, old Chinese leisure seal made of bamboo, from the part the roots begin.

The original shape of the bamboo has been well used to design the seal and keep it’s natural touch.

6 characters in antique script form the actual seal-imprint.

1 x 1,1 x 2,1 inches (26 x 27 x 74 mm). A few wormholes exist. Otherwise fine condition.

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Chinese Calligraphy in Kai-shu, signed 范仲淹 Fan Zhongyan

Calligraphy in Regular Script, signed 范仲淹 Fan Zhongyan


Chinese calligraphy in Kai-shu, standard script, Qing Dynasty copy of the famous script by 范仲淹 Fan Zhongyan “岳阳楼记 Yue-yang lou ji”.

Folded, minor spots of aging, very margins have darkened by age.

Very good calligraphy.

32,5 x 132 cm..

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Large Blue White Brush Container Qing Dynasty Kang Xi Bottom Mark

Large Blue White Brush Container Qing Dynastie


Large blue-white Chinese brush container for Qing Dynasty period. The image depicts an official with his men visiting a scholar. Good painting. 康熙年制 Kang Xi nian zhi – bottom mark but later date.

Diameter: 19,7 cm. Height: 15,5 cm. Good condition, no blemishes.

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Chinese Seal with Sage

Chinese Seal with Sage


Antique Chinese seal, depicting an old man with a sack of money (Budai?).

Beige-brown stone, detailed carving. Side inscription with details.

As actual seal 4 characters have been carved: 尚先臣印 Shang Xian Chen yin (Seal of the official Shang Xian).

83 x 20 x 56 mm.

Partial hairline crack not going through, otherwise good condition.

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Antique Chinese Bronze Wine Bottle with Screw Plug

Antique Chinese Wine Bottle with Screw Plug

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Antique Chinese wine bottle with screw plug and decorative front and reverse, depicting a dragon and a phoenix. Bats are at the upper part.

Natural patina.

67 x 30 x 150 mm. Good condition. The object is appr. 100 years old.

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Chinese Snuff Bottle Banded Agate

Chinese Snuff Bottle Banded Agate

Old Chinese Snuff Bottle

Chinese Snuff Bottle

Old Chinese Snuff Bottle Banded Agate

Attractive, old Chinese snuff bottle, decorative, banded Agate with colors ranging from white, over beige, ocher to dark brown. Well hollowed.

Size: 47 x 33 x 53 mm, good condition.

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Chinese Agate Snuff Bottle with Qilin 麒麟

Chinese Agate Snuff Bottle with Qilin

Attractive old Agate snuff bottle – 玛瑙鼻烟壶. Colors ranging from beige to brown and dark brown. The dark areas at the front have been well used to carve a scene. A Qilin (麒麟) is standing on a rock, watching the moon behind clouds.

Agate-metal stopper.

50 x 33 x 65 mm (without stopper), 79 gram, well hollowed.

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Antique Chinese Huang Hua Li Brush Container 黄花梨笔筒

Antique Chinese Huang Hua Li Brush Container


Attractive antique Huang Hua Li 黄花梨 (Dalbergia odorifera, or fragrant rosewood) brush pot, appr. 100 years old. Pleasing grain, darker at rims at top and bottom.

Height: 18 cm (7,3 in), diameter: 17 cm (6,9 in). Good condition, no blemishes.

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Very attractive China Seal with Dragon signed 牧石

Very attractive Chinese Seal with Dragon

Very attractive Chinese chop, dragon with pearl as handle. Grey Shou-Shan stone with lighter part as handle. Skillful carving, using the lightest part for carving of the pearl.

As actual seal engraved are 4 characters: Jia Qi Shi Jiang 嘉气始降 (auspicious power is coming down).

Engraved in spring 1872, signed Mushi 牧石.

Very good side engraving with details to seal, date and seal carver.

1,2 x 1,2 x 3,5 inches (31 x 30 x 88 mm), 200 gram, very fine condition.
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