Antique Chinese Snuff Bottle Peking Glass 北京玻璃鼻烟壶

Antique Chinese Snuff Bottle Peking Glass

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Attractive, old Chinese snuff bottle made of Peking glass. Pleasing, rich color. At both sides a woven string has been attached with pearls of ivory woven. At the bottom pieces of ivory and coral have been added.

The snuff bottle is 48 x 25 x 60 mm and in good condition. It is from the end of Qing Dynasty beginning of Republic period.

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Chinese Overlay Snuff Bottle Dragon Motif

Chinese Overlay Snuff Bottle Dragon Motif

Chinese Overlay Snuff Bottle
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Decorative old Chinese snuff bottle, Peking glass with green overlay, depicting dragons round a circle (jade-bi).

Both sides are almost authentic. Well balanced, well carved.

43 x 24 x 58, metal stopper with green stone.

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Gu Shaopei Yixing Teapot, very attractive 顾绍培茶壶

Gu Shaopei Yixing Teapot, very attractive

Chinese yixing teapot by Gu Shaopei

Chinese yixing teapot by Gu Shaopei

Very attractive yixing teapot with high handle in shape of a twig by Gu Shaopei 顾绍培. Engraved decoration ( coins, bowl) at front and calligraphy at reverse.Marked twice at the inside of the lid: Gu 顾 and Shaopei 绍培, and mark at the bottom work by Gu Shaopei (顾绍培制 Gu Shaopei zhi).

Gu Shaopei is one of the most famous artists for (zisha) ware.18 x 14 x 11 cm. Very good condition, very good quality, very decorative.

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Inside Painted Snuff Bottle with Grass Hopper

Snuff Bottle with Inside Painting Grass Hopper

Old Chinese snuff bottle from first half of last century. Inside painting with a grass hopper on cabbage (app. 1920-30).

Glass bottle with carved lacquer rims and lacquer stopper.

Height: 75 mm (without stopper), weight: 42 grams (without stopper).

Good condition, no faults.

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Two 19. Ct Canton Porcelain Plates

Chinese Plates Canton Ware 19. Ct
Antique Canton porcelain

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Two Chinese plates from app. 1850. Canton ware with red green, blue and gold.

One plate has scenes with people and birds and flowers. Scenes with people are around the outside.

The plate has a diameter of 23,5 cm. It was broken and has been repaired.

The other plate is in the same colors with different flower and bird-motifs.

Diameter: 26,7 cm. 4 cm fissure otherwise good condition.

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Old Thai relief-sculpture with Deva

Attractive Thai Figure. Deva and Ornament

Old Thai figurine

Thai sculpture

Old Thai relief-sculpture with Deva on a stand and ornament around the figure. 2 deities next her legs and one at upper part.

At the back is some writing in Thai and in the middle a group of man with the young King Bhumibol.

It is made of stone-ware and stands 16 inches high. The weight is 3 kg.

At the upper part of the back is a fissure from burning process, at the upper part a small part is missing.

Moderate aging, several white and greenish dots (mold). Delicately shaped and standing out.

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