American Peoples, Indians: Decorative Chromo Lithograph, 1898


American Peoples, Indians: Decorative Chromo Lithograph, 1898

Indian peoples lithograph

American Peoples: Decorative old chromolithograph depicting 14 Indian peoples, Aleútes, Black-feet Indians, Pueblo Indians, Eskimos, Mexican Indians, Indians from South American countries, Sioux, Apaches and many more.
Though older than 100 years the colors of this chromo lithograph look extremely fresh and vivid. The graphic is matted ( simple matting between 2 sheets of cardboard).

Meyers, 1898.
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Wu Piaotang Leisure Seal. Furong Stone. 西泠印社社员吴朴堂篆刻

Wu Piaotang Seal, Chinese Seal by famous Xiling-she Artist 吴朴堂刻白芙蓉平方章

Wu Piaotang Leisure seal

Attractive Chinese seal, Furong-Shoushan-Stone with a Foo Lion as handle.

The upper part is of a creamy-white, the lower part ocher-beige. As seal engraved are 7 characters: 片月涓涓照硕池 (pian yue juanjuan zhao shuo chi (a flat moon sluggishly shines on the pond) Carved by the important seal-carver Wu Piaotang in 1951. 2,7 x 2,6 x 6,3, 104 gram, very good condition. (The blue tone on the third image is just from the light. No blue color on original).

Side carving with details: 朴堂治印辛卯八月 Wu Piaotang was an early member of the important Xiling- seal carver-society. He was a student of Wang Fuchang and other masters. He also carved seals for chairman Mao Zedong. 吴朴堂(1922—1966),


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Rare Art Replica Vapheio Cup by by Emille Gillieron 19th Century

A rare art copy of a Vapheio cup, late 19th century, Emile Gillieron (Swiss, 1850 – 1924) marked “E. Gillieron Athens”. Reproduction of a Gold Vapheio Cup. Gilt copper-alloy electrotype.

The cup comes from the famous Dr. Walter Heihs collection and has the inventory nr. 522 marked at the bottom.

The National Gallery of Athens, where an entire gallery is devoted to Gillieron replicas of works from Greece’s Bronze Age, also contains this object.

Height of the cup: 7,4 cm, diameter 13,5 cm incl. handle. (3 inches by 5 1/4 in diameter).

rare art copy of a Vapheio cup

rare art copy of a Vapheio cup

rare art copy of a Vapheio cup

rare art copy of a Vapheio cup

Overlay Snuff Bottle with Vanquisher of Ghosts Zhong Kui

Attractive overlay Snuff Bottle with Vanquisher of Ghosts Zhong Kui

Most decorative Chinese overlaid snuff bottle. It depicts the famous vanquisher of ghosts, Zhong Kui (Chinese: 钟馗). Three layers of colours ( red, black and brown) have been well carved to depict this scene with Zhong Kui, his pupil with Lingzhi (mushroom) and bats.

Liuli stopper with metal spoon. Size: 46 x 22 x 44 mm

Artist signed, small carved seals. Very good condition.

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Aquarium for Seawater Animals. Chromo Lithograph from 1902

Attractive chromolithograph depicting different kinds of animals in a seawater aquarium.

Size: 30,5 x 24,6 cm ( 9.5 x 12 inches), broad margins.


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Colorful lithograph, delicately executed.

Fishes, lobster, snails, sea cucumber, jellyfish and many others can be found.

Litho by Meyers Germany 1902.

Vertical center-fold, good condition.

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Tsar Nicholas II, Mocking Card from WW1, Artist signed Lenhard

Tsar Nicholas II, Artist signed Mocking Card from WW1

1914, Lithographed, artist signed ( Lenhard ). The Tsar in uniform, flags of the Allied Countries all over his body. Scarce postcard in fine condition.

Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia (18951917), born near St Petersburg, Russia, the son of Alexander III.

His reign was marked by the alliance with France, an entente with Britain, a disastrous war with Japan (19045), and the establishment of the national assembly, or Duma (1906). He took command of the Russian armies against the Central Powers in 1915. Forced to abdicate at the Revolution, he was shot with his family at Yekaterinburg by the Red Guards.

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Overlaid Snuff bottle with Dragon Fish, very decorative.

Most attractive overlaid Snuff bottle with Dragon Fish

Most attractive overlaid snuff bottle with Dragon-fish chasing small fish.

Subtle colors of black on green against white background. At the reverse is a flower motif and seals by the artist: Fu shan weng.
42 x 32 x 58 mm (without stopper). Metal stopper, very good condition.

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