Pair of Chinese Famille Rose Vases, Qing Dynasty

Pair of Chinese Famille Rose Vases, Qing Dynasty

Attractive pair of famille rose vases with floral décor (flowers and butterflies).


Blue square bottom mark Yong Zheng nian zhi 雍正年制, but produced later.


Height: 6,7 inches (17 cm). Good condition.


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Antique Chinese Bronze Censer, Qing Dynasty

Antique Chinese Bronze Censer, Qing

Antique Chinese censer
Antique Chinese censer
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Decorative, antique Chinese Bronze censer with handles at both sides and a lid in braided design.

Xuan De 宣德 – bottom mark but later origin, most probably 19. century.

Height: 65 mm, diameter: 52 mm. Natural, pleasing patina

The wooden base is part of the lot.

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Chinese Zitan Wood Brush Container 19 Ct. 紫坛笔筒

Chinese Zitan Brush Container 19 Ct.


Antique Chinese Zitan wood brush pot of slightly waisted cylindrical shape and set with a small interior plug, having 3 small flat feet to the bottom, a lip to the top and the traditional stopper to the inside bottom.

Extinct dark wood, ca. 1880. Good condition. Excellent object.

Diameter: 14 cm, Height: 15,2 cm.

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Qing Dynasty Seal, brown Shou Shan.

Antique Chinese Seal. Brown Shou Shan, Qing

Attractive, brown – beige marbled Shou Shan Stone with landscape pictorial at the sides.
Poem in Xing-shu script at one side and details to seal carver at top, signed and dated.

6 characters as actual seal: Huang Shan Ying Shui zhi jian 黄山颖水之间 (between Huang-shan and Ying-river (in Zhengzhou county).

1,8 x 1,4 x 1,8 inches (45 x 38 x 42 mm), 159 gram. Fine condition.

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Antique Chinese Paktong Brush Container 白铜笔筒

Antique Chinese Paktong Brush Container


Antique Chinese brush container made of Paktong. Chiseld with scholar and boy motif and a delicately carved calligraphy.

The brush container is from the Qing Dynasty or Republic Period and has 2 bottom marks: Yin Lou 银楼 and Qing Mei 庆美.

At the reverse is a vertical dark line from fitting.

Diameter: 5 cm, height: 9,2 cm, natural patina, good condition.

Paktong is a Chinese alloy of zinc, copper and nickel, closely resembling silver.

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Very attractive Chinese Seal, Gao Shan, Dragons, Zhang Yanchang 张燕昌

Chinese Leisure Seal, Qing. Attractive Gao Shan Stone by 张燕昌.

Very attractive Chinese seal, dark red-white beige Shou Shan Gao Shan Stone with a dragon and her baby as handle. Engraved are 4 characters: Chu Yu Tian Chu 出于天出 (deriving from heaven).

The seal as a whole has been delicately carved and the artist used the different shades of the stone in an exciting way: The white for the baby-dragon, the beige for the smoke out of the mouth.

The seal was engraved by the famous calligrapher and seal carver Zhang Yanchang (张燕昌 1738-1810).

Side engraving with details and seal carver’s name.

0,8 x 0,8 x 3,8 inches (21 x 22 x 98 mm), 99 gram, very fine condition.

张燕昌(1738-1814)字芑堂,号文鱼(耕砚田斋笔记作字文鱼,号芑堂),又号金粟山人,浙江海盐人。乾隆四十三年(一七七七)优贡,嘉庆元年(一七九 六)举孝廉方正。擅篆、隶、飞白、行、楷书,精金石篆刻、勒石,工画兰竹,兼善山水、人物、花卉,皆攸然越俗,别有意趣。为丁敬高弟。初及门时,囊负南瓜 二枚为贽,各重十馀斤。敬欣然受之,为烹瓜具饭焉。有金石契、飞白书录、鸳鸯湖札歌、石鼓文释存、芑堂印谱

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Zhao Zhiqian 赵之谦 Chickenblood Stone Seal

Chickenblood Stone Seal by Zhao Zhiqian 赵之谦

Desireable, most attractive seal. Chickenblood-stone (鸡血石) with much red at all sides. Carved by the famous seal carver Zhao Zhiqian.

Zhao Zhiqian 赵之谦 (1829–1884) was a renowned Chinese calligrapher, seal carver and painter in the late Qing Dynasty, “the leading scholar-artist of his day.”

Zhao’s seal carving had profound influence on the later masters, such as Wu Changshuo and Qi Baishi.

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Catholic Church in Tsingtau: Vintage Postcard.

We have bee listing some nice old postcards related to old Qingdao, like this one: “Old China: Vintage postcard from Qingdao, China. „ Tingtao Catholic Church (!) “.

Catholic Church in Tsingtau

Color postcard with front view of the church building in Qingdao.

Military matter imprint at back. Unused, fine condition.

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