Antique Chinese Porcelain Paper Weight 慎德堂制

Antique Chinese Paper Weight with Landscapes

Antique, decorative paper weight (also to be used as arm rest).

Porcelain with landscape scene at top.

Red 4 character bottom mark: Shen de tang zhi 慎德堂制

Size: 12,5 x 6,6 x 4,6 cm. Good condition.

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Antique Chinese blue white Plate for Export

Antique Chinese blue & white Plate for Export

Chinese export plate
Chinese export plate
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Old Chinese porcelain. Export plate from end of the Qing-period. Delicately painted floral pattern, no bottom mark.

Some small chips at border as the plate was kept in a metal suspension
Diameter: 23,4 cm. height: 2,1 cm.

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Antique Chinese Brush Holder made of Pear Wood

Old Chinese Brush Holder Pear Wood

Attractive old Chinese brush-container made of pear wood. End of Qing – beginning of Republic period. Very elegant and appealing shape.

There is a fissure at the bottom of the container otherwise good condition.

Diameter: 11,4 cm, height: 12,9 cm.

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Antique Chinese painting Qing Dynasty Liu Daming

Antique Chinese paintings Qing Dynasty Liu Daming 刘大铭

Antique Chinese painting from the Qing Dynasty, Dao Guang 道光 era, 1882. Painted by the known artist Liu Daming 刘大铭, signed and with 2 seal imprints.

The painting shows a scholar over his books in his hermitage. Plum- and pine tree in front of his study.

Scroll painting, 16,5 x 75,2 inches (42 x 191 cm), mounted on silk, good condition.

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Imperial China Postcard 1 Cent, Boxer Rebellion Period

Imperial China Postcard Boxer Rebellion

chinese postal card 1 cent
chinese postal card 1 cent
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Imperial China, Boxer Upraise 1901: Imperial Chinese Post 1 Cent postal-card.
Peking Deutsche Post 20/1 01 – cancellation.

Square violet strike: S. B. 1/l Oa. J. R. and Bestellt – strike. Good condition.

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Antique Chinese Silver Censer Qing Dynasty

antique Chinese censer

Antique Chinese Silver Censer Qing Dynasty

China, Qing Dynasty: Attractive antique silver censer. Floral desing with embossed Eight Treasures at the „petals“ (八宝,Pinyin: bābǎo ).

Bottom mark: duan fu zu yin 段府足银

Height: 10 cm (with handle up), diameter: 8,6 cm, 128 gram. Good condition.

(The socalled Eight treasures are: the wish-granting pearl (寳珠, “bǎozhū) or “flaming pearl”, he double lozenges (方勝, “fāngshèng”), the stone chime (磬, “qìng”), the pair of rhinoceros horns (犀角, “xījiǎo), the double coins (雙錢, shuāngqián), the gold or silver ingot (錠, dìng), coral (珊瑚, shānhú), wish-granting scepter (如意, rúyì ).

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Antique Chinese Brush Container made of Bamboo

Antique Chinese Brush Container made of Bamboo

chinese brush container
bamboo brush pot
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Very decorative, antique Chinese brush container made of bamboo.

Deeply carved at front side, depicting stems of bamboo.

At the reverse Iris and a calligraphy have been carved. Artist signed.

Height: 17,3 cm, Diameter: 13,3 cm. Quite light: 377 gram (old bamboo brush pots are light).

This brush container is from the beginning of last century.

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Qing Dynastie Seal by Duan Fang 陶斋 1895

Qing Dynastie Seal by Duan Fang 陶斋


Old Chinese leisure seal, black stone. As actual seal engraved are 10 characters: yi zhau wu ling guiqu buru xian zao (to give back a military grave means less than a relaxed morning).

Side inscription with date (1895) and name Tao Zhai 端方 (hao of Duan Fang).

Duan Fang 陶斋 (1861 bis 1911) a member of the Manchu Plain White Banner, was a late Qing dynasty politician, educator, and collector.

30 x 30 x 68 mm, good condition.

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