Large Blue White Brush Container Qing Dynasty Kang Xi Bottom Mark

Large Blue White Brush Container Qing Dynastie


Large blue-white Chinese brush container for Qing Dynasty period. The image depicts an official with his men visiting a scholar. Good painting. 康熙年制 Kang Xi nian zhi – bottom mark but later date.

Diameter: 19,7 cm. Height: 15,5 cm. Good condition, no blemishes.

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Set of Qing Dynasty Wooden Wine Cups

Six Chinese Wooden Cups from Qing Dynasty

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Six antique Chinese wooden cups, outside carved, inside coated. Two characters hallmark at inner bottom of the cups. Plum blossoms- and pine tree-motifs have been carved round the cups.

The cups stand 38 mm and are in good condition with minor wear.

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China 1907 Scarce Tsingtao Cancellation on Letter

China Jiaozhou Letter with Scarce Cancellation 1907

Chinese Postal History


Old China, Qingdao: Small letter with a German Kiautschou 1 Cent brown stamp, tied by a clear Tsingtau 30. 03. 1907 cancellation.

No details of time as it should be. ( Usually the hour would follow. This kind is the Type 11a after German BDPh Colony stamp catalogue ).

Sent as printed matter to Gelsenkirchen in Germany, very good condition.

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Antique Seal by Fang Junyi 方濬益

Antique Seal by Fang Junyi


Antique leisure seal by the artist Fang Junyi 方濬益 (? – 1899).
As actual seal 4 characters have been carved: xiang yin yi xin 相印以心 (appraise the seal by your heart).

Side inscription with details, dedication and signature.

50 x 18 x 46 mm, good condition.

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Chinese Leisure Seal by Xu Sangeng 徐三庚图章

Xu Sangeng Seal. Chinese Leisure Seal Qing Dynasty

Chinese Leisure Seal Xu Sangeng


Shoushan leisure seal by the famous seal carver Xu Sangeng (1826-1890).

Engraved are 15 characters shi yue bu jian Huang shu duo ze bi-li zhi xin fu sheng yi ,時月不见黄叔度,则鄙吝之心复生矣, for a long time I did not see uncle Huang but instead the heart of a vulgar has been reborn. (A line by Zhou Ziju 周子居 for the period of the Eastern Han Dynasty).

18 x 18 x 54 mm, good condition.

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Chinese Leisure Seal by Qian Shanyang 钱善杨篆刻

Chinese Leisure Seal by Qian Shanyang


Antique Chinese leisure seal by the important seal-carver Qian Shanyang 钱善杨(1765-1807).

Black stone-seal with 4 characters engraved: Wen Zheng zhi jia 文正之家 (home of Wen Zheng).

25 x 25 x 50 mm, good condition. Side inscription with signature of the artist.

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Antique Chinese carved Boxwood Card Case

Antique Chinese export Cantonese Boxwood carved Card Case

China, and of 19th – beginning of 20th century: Decorative carved boxwood card case.

The whole box intricately detailed with many levels of figures in domestic and pagoda scenes with elaborate foliate and floral ornaments.

The face all with individual, strong expressions.
11,5 cm 7,5 cm ( 4,6 x 3 inches). Repair at one side of the lid (not easy to see), otherwise good condition.

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Zhao Bingchong 赵秉冲 Leisure Seal. 18. Ct

Very attractive seal by the famous Qing Dynasty artist Zhao Bingchong

Seal by Zhao Bingchong

Attractive Shou Shan stone in shape of a landscape with a pagoda on a rock at one side and a peasant with a load of brushwood at the other side. The top is almost semi transparent.

His artist name Shuo Huai 研怀 has been carved on a rock.

As actual seal are 2 characters engraved: Shi Jing 诗 境 (field of poetry).

Zhao Bingchong 赵秉冲 (1787 – ca. 1814) was an important painter, calligrapher and seal carver. His works sell high at auctions and galleries.

42 x 26 x 44 mm, 48 gram, fine condition, no faults.

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China, Qing Dynasty: Walnut Carving with Monks

China, Qing Dynasty: Walnut with Monks. Fine Carving

China, Qing Dynasty: Dry walnut with unique carving of many monks, immortals or Lohans (disciples of Buddha) sitting or standing among trees. This carving is by a well-know Qing Dynasty artist.
4 cm, good condition, no blemishes, cracks or other faults.

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