Antique Seal by Zhang Xiong 19. Ct 张熊篆刻

Antique Seal by Zhang Xiong 19. Ct 张熊


Antique seal, grey-green stone, carved by the important seal carver Zhang Xiong 张熊, 1803 – 1886.
As actual seal 12 characters have been carved: 抱清静以独立,兮超万古而久长 bao qingjing yi duli, xi chao wangu er jiu chang (embrace the silence to become independent, transcend thorugh the ages and become age-old).

30 x 31 x 20 mm, good condition.

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Ding Yanyong Leisure Seal 丁衍庸印章


Ding Yanyong Leisure Seal


Attractive Chinese leisure seal, white crystal, carved by the artist Ding Yanyong 丁衍庸 (1902 – 1978).

Signed at the front side: Shu Dan Zhi yin 叔旦治印

As actual seal 2 characters have been carved: yong zhuo 用拙 (use the clumsy [i.e.: not to go the handsome way in painting and calligraphy]). So this seal also looks clumsy at first sight.

29 x 18 x 30 mm, good condition.