Inside Painted Glass Snuff Bottle by Meng Zishou

Inside Painted Glass Snuff Bottle by Meng Zishou

Attractive old Chinese snuff bottle, glass with inside paintings of deers at
front and reverse. Very delicately painted and strong expressions of the deer’s

Antique Chinese snuff bottle

Artist signed: Meng Zishou 孟子受

Size: 43 x 24 x 45 mm. Very good condition.

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Meng Zishou was one of the most famous snuff bottle painters at the early last century. 孟子受鼻烟壶

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Faceted Green Peking Glass Snuff Bottle

Green Peking Glass faceted Snuff Bottle.

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Chinese very nicely faceted, green Peking glass snuff bottle, octagonal at top, hexagonal at lower part.

Diameter: 34 mm, height: 61 mm (without stopper).

Attractive, old snuff bottle with no faults, good condition.

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王千鼻烟壶 Wang Qian Painted Snuff Bottle

Inside Painted Snuff Bottle by Wang Qian

Chinese Snuff Bottle Inside Painted by Wang Qian
Decorative old Chinese snuff bottle. Peking glass with scholars reading poems at front and reverse, overlaid cranes on both sides. Delicately executed. Painted by the renowned artist Wan Qian 王千.
Artist signed: Wang Qian 王千
43 x 26 x 62 mm, good condition.


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