Overlaid Snuff bottle with Dragon Fish, very decorative.

Most attractive overlaid Snuff bottle with Dragon Fish

Most attractive overlaid snuff bottle with Dragon-fish chasing small fish.

Subtle colors of black on green against white background. At the reverse is a flower motif and seals by the artist: Fu shan weng.
42 x 32 x 58 mm (without stopper). Metal stopper, very good condition.

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Chinese Snuff Bottle White Jade, 和田玉鼻烟壶


Old Chinese Snuff Bottle White Jade


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Attractive Chinese snuff bottle of white Jade (He Tian Yu 和田玉 – can not be scratched).

Very detailed carving at front and reverse with plum blossoms and chrysanthemum, Chinese characters at upper right sides.

These kind of snuff bottles was for decoration and thus not hollowed thoroughly.

The stopper is made of Cui Jade.

37 x 16 x 60 mm, 78 gram. Good condition.

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Antique Agate Snuff Bottle with Carp and Lotus

Antique Agate Snuff Bottle with Carp and Lotus

Chinese Agate Snuff Bottle

Attractive, old Chinese snuff bottle from beginning of last century. Yellowish-brown agate with carp and lotus. Very well carved and polished.

47 x 23 x 65 mm, very good condition.

Metal spoon with glittering stone.

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Old Chinese Yellow Glass Snuff Bottle with opaque Painting of Birds and Blossoms

Chinese Glass Snuff Bottle with opaque Painting

Yellow glass Snuff Bottle

Small Chinese, yellow glass snuff bottle with opaque painting, depicting birds in blooming twigs.

The snuff bottle is from the 1920-30s.
Metal-spoon with coral as stopper.

Diameter: 26 mm, height: 54 mm. Good condition.

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