Set of old Chinese Patong 白铜 Paper Weights

Decorative old set of Chinese Patong (Baitong 白铜) paper weights, used by painters and calligraphers.

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The set is from the Republic period and in good condition. Some patina, artist signed.

Decorative design with fish under lotus leaves.

Size: 29 x 256 x 10 mm each, 622 gram (quite heavy).


Unusual Chinese Seal with Manchurian Text. Qing Dynasty.

Unusual Chinese Leisure Seal with Manchurian Text. Qing Dynasty.

1799 (?) Interesting Chinese seal, grey – beige Shou Shan Stone with Chinese and Manchurian characters: Qin Xin Jian Qi 琴心剑气 (The heart of the zither has the power of a sword).

The seal was engraved by the famous seal carver Dong Xun ( 董洵 1740-1809), Artist name Xiao Chi 小池

Side engraving with details and seal carver’s name. Very fine condition.


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Bronze Seal, Zhao Shuru 趙叔孺 accredited, 2 Characters 悲盦

Bronze Seal, Zhao Shuru accredited, 2 Characters

Attractive metal leisure seal, accredited tot he important seal carver Zhao Shuru 趙叔孺 (1874-1945).
Besides his seals Zhao is also famous for his paintings and calligraphy.

A standing man as handle an as actual seals 2 characters: Bei wan 悲盦 (container for sadness).

22 x 22 x 41 mm. Nice patina, fine condition.

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Chinese Sculpture: Tiger on Stand.

Attractive Chinese Sculpture of a Tiger on a Stand. Huangmu-Wood.


China: Attractive wooden figurine, a tiger on a larger piece of wood, all carved from one piece of Huang-Mu wood. The use of the object was to weight paper for calligraphers and painters.

7,2 x 2,2 x 2,5 inches. Very fine condition. The object is most probably fort he Republic-period, eventually later. But sure it is no newer one.

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Antique China Seal, 1914 or 1854, Stone: Very good Seal.

Antique China Seal, 1914, Stone: Very good Seal.


Antique Chinese seal made of stone. It is either from 1914 or 1854. Delicately carved Fu-Lion at topof the seal and artistically carved actual seal, carved by the artist Wu Zhi: „ Zhen Zi Xiao Wu” ( in the meaning of: The real Self is of no importance” ).

At the left side of the seal is a carving by the artist, stating date, receiver and name of the seal-carver.

1,2 x 1,2 x 5,1 inches. Great seal in fine condition.

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China: Antique Deco-Inkstone in Wooden Cassette

China: Antique Deco-Inkstone in Wooden Cassette

China, End of Qing, beginning of Republic period. So called  Xi-stone from Xi County of Anhui Province: Decorative inkstone for grinding ink. The flat stone shows an ornate carving with pine tree and clouds. Fine, wooden box.

3,4 x 2,9 x 0,6 inches. Fine condition.

Ning Fucheng Leisure Seal with Cicada. 宁斧成篆刻


Ning Fucheng Leisure Seal with Cicada.


Chinese seal by Ning Fucheng Chinese seal by Ning Fucheng

Decorative, larger Chinese leisure seal by Ning Fucheng 宁斧成 (1897 – 1966). Shape of a bamboo trunk with a cicada on it.

As actual seal 3 characters have been carved: dan mo gong 淡墨公 (made with thin ink)

Signed at the upper part as part of the seal: Fucheng  斧成.

50 x 50 x 85 mm, good condition.

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Antique Chinese Red Lacquer Box

Antique Chinese Lacquer Box



China, Qing Dynasty – begin of Republic period: Chinese round red lacquer cinnabar box with rocks in the sea and a pine tree at front.

Decorative design. The inside and bottom of this box are black lacquer. The box is from app. 1900.

Diameter: 3,5 inches (90 mm), height: 2 inches (48 mm).

Fine condition, no damages.

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Chinese Seal by Qiu Tang 秋堂篆刻

Chinese Seal by Chen Yuzhong, Qiu Tang 秋堂篆刻

Chinese seal by Qiu Tang

Chinese leisure seal

Antique Chinese seal by the important seal-carver Chen Yuzhong 陈豫钟( 1762—1806).

Oval boulder with 5 characters as actual seal: xiao sui ming yue gui 笑随明月归 (the smile follows the bright moon on its return).

Side inscription with his artists name Qiu Tang 秋堂.

20 x 12 x 33 mm, good condition.

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Qing Dynasty China Arm Rest Dao Guang Period

China Qing Dynasty Arm Rest Porcelain Dao Guang


Chinese arm rest porcelain, Qing Dynasty Dao Guang period ( 1821 – 1851 ). Famille rose, open work corpus, good condition.

12,5 x 7,5 x 5 cm. Bottom mark: 大清道光年制 Da Qing Dao Guang Nian Zhi.

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