Zhao Bingchong 赵秉冲 Leisure Seal. 18. Ct


Very attractive seal by the famous Qing Dynasty artist Zhao Bingchong

Seal by Zhao Bingchong

Attractive Shou Shan stone in shape of a landscape with a pagoda on a rock at one side and a peasant with a load of brushwood at the other side. The top is almost semi transparent.

His artist name Shuo Huai 研怀 has been carved on a rock.

As actual seal are 2 characters engraved: Shi Jing 诗 境 (field of poetry).

Zhao Bingchong 赵秉冲 (1787 – ca. 1814) was an important painter, calligrapher and seal carver. His works sell high at auctions and galleries.

42 x 26 x 44 mm, 48 gram, fine condition, no faults.

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