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Ming Dynasty Sacrifice Bowl Qingbai Glaze.

Ming Dynasty Sacrifice Bowl Qingbai Glaze.
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China, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644): Bowl for sacrifice with blueish-white Qingbai Glaze. Provenience: Shaanxi Provinz.


Well-balanced shape all covered with a soft bluish-white Qingbai glaze. Unglazed mouth rim and outer bottom region.


There is a dark burm mark inside the bowl and some smaller dots outside. No blemishes or restauration, normal minimal bruise in glaze).


Diameter: 145 mm (5,8 inches), Height: 58 mm. (2,2 inches)


It looks quite similar to Song Dynasty (960-1279) Qingbai ware but it should be Ming.

Qingbai wares were made at Jingdezhen and later in other southern kilns from the time of the Northern Song Dynasty on. In the 14th century underglaze-decorated blue and white wares became popular.


Qingbai means "clear blue-white" in Chinese. Qingbai glaze uses pottery stone with small iron particles. Applied on a white porcelain body the glaze becomes greenish-blue – thus the term.


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