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Antique Chinese Leisure Seal by Zhao Zhichen

Antique Chinese Leisure Seal by Zhao Zhichen
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Chinese Leisure Seal, brown-grey stone with 4 characters as actual seal. Carved by the important Qing Dynasty seal carver Zhao Zhichen (赵之琛). The 4 characters read yue zhu yin she (月朱吟社) reciting a poem the the God of the land under a cinnabar-red moon.

Side engraving with details.

Size: 15 x 15 x 35 mm, good condition.

Zhao Zhichen (1781-8153) was an important calligrapher, seal-carver, painter and expert for stones and bronzes in the second half of Qing Dynasty.

赵之琛 (1781年-1852年), 为清朝中后期著名书法篆刻家、画家、金石学家。




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