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Chinese Leisure Seal by Liang Yuanguang. 梁垣光篆刻

Seal by Liang Yuanguang. 梁垣光篆刻
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Attractive old Chinese leisure seal by the artist Liang Yuanguang 梁垣光 (1835 – 1903). Ocher-brown stone seal with scenic carving at the front side.

As actual seal 13 characters have been carved: chao kan hua, mu du shi, Yang xiansheng deng ci kai ji 朝看画,暮读诗,杨先生等此开饥 ( in the morning I study paintings, in the evening I recite poems. Mr. Yang waits for that and stays hungry). (Part of the most famous poem by the Song poet Ouyang Xiu „Pan Ju Tu“).

Side engraving with date and name 丁丑岩堂  .

40 x 50 x 40 mm, good condition.




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