China 1905: German Infantry Vintage Postcard. Army Cachet

German Infantry in China. Vintage Postcard

Germany, China 1905: b/w postcard, depicting German infantry on horses.

Tianjin Postcard with violet „2. (Berittene) Kompanie, 2. Ostas. Inftr. Regts“ – square cachet .
Tientsin to Neu-Ruppin 1905.

Minor wear.

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Chinese Lizhidong-Stone Pendant – 荔枝洞. Buddha Figure

Pendant made of Lizhidong-Stone. Buddha Figure

Most attractive, semi-transparent Lizhi-dong stone (荔枝洞). It has its name because it almost looks like the Lizhi-fruit.

It is similar to the Kangtoujing-Stone抗頭晶 or Kangtou shui-dong-stone (炕頭水洞) but of warmer white.

Very good carving with strong expression of the Buddha Maitreya (Mi-Lo-Fo).

46 x 25 mm. The string is rather new.

Warm, pleasant tone of the stone.

This kind of stone belongs to the Shou-Shan specis. The Lizhidong stones are quite expensive, especially when nearly transparent.

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Overlay Snuff Bottle with Vanquisher of Ghosts Zhong Kui

Attractive overlay Snuff Bottle with Vanquisher of Ghosts Zhong Kui

Most decorative Chinese overlaid snuff bottle. It depicts the famous vanquisher of ghosts, Zhong Kui (Chinese: 钟馗). Three layers of colours ( red, black and brown) have been well carved to depict this scene with Zhong Kui, his pupil with Lingzhi (mushroom) and bats.

Liuli stopper with metal spoon. Size: 46 x 22 x 44 mm

Artist signed, small carved seals. Very good condition.

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Chinese Leisure seal by Lu Zhenyu 罗振玉

chinese seal by Lu An old Chinese leisure seal luo zhenyu

Old Chinese Leisure Seal by Luo Zhenyu. Old Chinese leisure seal, marbled stone, by the artist 罗振玉  Luo Zhenyu (? – 1940).
4 characters as actual seal: xiu wu zhi shi 修武之事 (embellish military matters).Side engraving with his artist name: 陆庵 Lu An.

9 x 9 x 59 mm, good condition.

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German War Ship Gefion Postcard Boxer Rebellion

German Steamer S. M. Gefion Trading Card Coffee. Boxer Rebellion

German Steamer Gefion postcard

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Decorative vintage postcard depicting the German WWI steamer Gefion. Portrait of Prince Heinrich.
Used as advertising postcard: “Thüringer Kaffee-Würze, feinste Kaffeeverbesserungsmittel”.
Unused postcard in very good condition.

Gefion initially served with the main German fleet and frequently escorted Kaiser Wilhelm II’s yacht Hohenzollern on trips to other European countries, including a state visit to Russia in 1897. In late 1897, Gefion was reassigned to the East Asia Squadron; she arrived there in May 1898.
The ship took part in the Battle of Taku Forts in June 1900 during the Boxer Rebellion in China.
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Old Chinese Leisure Seal by Gu Yuan 顾沅

Old Chinese Leisure Seal by Gu Yuan

Antique Chinese Seal by Gu Yuan

Antique Chinese Seal by Gu Yuan

Chinese seal, greenish Shou shan stone, engraved by the important seal carver 顾沅 Gu Yuan.

4 characters as actual seal: 虚而不屈 xu er bu qu (void but not wrong).

Side engraving with details.20 x 20 x 43 mm, good condition.

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Christo Autograph Display with Wrapped Reichstag Wrapping Piece, CoA

Christo Autograph Display, Wrapped Reichstag and Piece from Wrapping, CoA
Christo Autograph

Christo Autograph on Artist Postcard Wrapped Reichstag and Piece from Wrapping, CoA
Christo 1977, Wrapped Reichstag (Project for Der Deutsche Reichstag – Berlin). Display with artist postcard, hand-signed by Christo and an original piece of the fabric used for wrapping the building. The Autograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Size of the framed display: 9,4 x 9,4 inches (23 x 23 cm), very good condition, glass.

Christo (born Christo Vladimirov Javacheff, Bulgarian: Христо Явашев, June 13, 1935) was married to Jeanne-Claude (born Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebon, June 13, 1935 – November 18, 2009) . They created environmental works of art.After the project “The Umbrellas” Christo and Jeanne-Claude concerned themselves again, with wrapping the Reichstag in Berlin.

With the support of the President of the Parliament, Rita Süssmuth, Christo and Jeanne-Claude worked to convince the elected Members of Parliament, going from office to office, writing explanatory letters to each of the 662 delegates and innumerable telephone calls and negotiations. On 25 February 1995 after a 70 minute debate at the Parliament and a Roll Call vote, the Bundestag allowed the project to go ahead.Just under 100,000 m2 of fireproof polypropylene fabric, covered by an aluminum layer, and 15 km of rope were needed. The wrapping began on 17 June 1995 and was finished on 24 June. The spectacle was seen by five million visitors before the unveiling began on 7 July.

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Pair of Leisure Seals by Xie Leiming 谢磊明

Pair of Leisure Seals by Xie Leiming 謝磊明

Antique Chinese Seals by Xie Leiming Antique Chinese Seals by Xie Leiming

A pair of ocher-brown stone seals, carved by the important seal carver  谢磊明 Xie Leiming (1884 – 1963).

As seal engraved are the characters: 江山为助笔纵横 笔补造化天无功  jiang shan wei zhu bi zhongheng, bi bu zaohua tian wu gong. (Rivers and mountains halp the brush to weave [landscapes], the brush corrects what heaven failed to create).

It is a line from a Tang-Dynasty poem.

Side engraving with details and each signed: Xie Leiming.

謝磊明Xie Leiming was an early member of the famous Xiling Seal-society, 西泠印社.Each one is 29 x 30 x 42 mm, good condition.

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Chinese Leisure Seal Collection

Collection of 5 Chinese Seals by important Artists

lot of chinese leisure seals five chinese leisure seals

Small lot of five seals by well known or important seal carvers from the Republic Period: Shen Yi (Monk „Da Xiu“ carved at Hanshan-Monastary),  慎仪 大休作于寒山寺 (寺住持) Hai wai gui lai shi du shu ( Jian Jinglun, also famous as calligrapher), 海外归来始读书 (千石) (简经纶) Tou tou shi dao (Song Zhishan), 头头是道 芷山刻 (宋芷山)Huan hai ( Sha Menghai 1900 – 1992 also famous as calligrapher), 欢海 石荒刻 (沙孟海)Ku gua zi wei (Yang Tianji 1880-1960 also famous as calligrapher), 苦瓜滋味 (千里) 杨天骥

All 5 seals are rather small, 22- 45 mm, but of good quality ( 2 of them are Shoushan-stones) and in good condition.

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Chinese Leisure Seal by Xu Sangeng 徐三更

Old Chinese Leisure Seal by Xu Sangeng

Old Chinese leisure seal, grey-brown stone with lion as handle. Seal by the famous seal carver Xu Sangeng 徐三更 , Qing Dynasty.
Engraved are 4 characters: 一切吉祥 yi qie ji yang (everything lucky).

24 x 22 x 55 mm, good condition.

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