Shanghai Opium smoker. Old, authentic Chinese photo

China: Opium Smoker. Old Photo

Old China Photo with Opium Smoker.

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Shanghai Opium smoker. Old, authentic Chinese photo, depicting a Chinese man on a bed, smoking Opium.

This is an original photo from the early 1920s.

6,5 x 45,8 inches (16,5 x 12 cm). Fixed on thin cardboard at the upper 2 corners.

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Antique Chinese Opium Pipe, End of Qing Dynasty

Antique Chinese Opium Pipe, authentic



Antique, authentic Chinese Opium pipe. Brought to Europe at the beginning of last century by a German marine.

The mouth-part is bone, the pipe has lotus and characters engraved, the stopper at the short end has been replaced later.
Length: 54,5 cm (21,5 inches), good condition.

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Red Fu Rong Stone Seal of 吴待秋 Wu Daiqiu

Red Fu Rong Stone Seal of the Painter Wu Daiqiu 吴待秋


China 1915: Very beautiful seal from the possession of the famous painter Wu Daiqiu (1878-1949). Wu has been using this seal on some paintings.

Red Furong stone with a lion as handle and 4 characters as actual seal: Miao Zao Zi Ran 妙造自然 (wonderful creation in natural way).

Wonderful side engraving in Li-shu and Xing-shu style with details zu date and carver.

34 x 33 x 94 mm. Very fine condition.


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Opium-Smokers. Chinese vintage Postcard.

Opium-Smokers. Chinese vintage Postcard.

Old postcard depicting 2 Chinese ladies as they smoke opium. The postcard was published in Japan in the 1920s.

Unused, very fine condition.

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