Longish Chinese Seal marbled Stone

Longish Chinese Seal marbled Stone

Attractive, longish leisure seal, marbled stone, side inscription in Zhuan-Shu 篆书.

As actual seal 7 characters have been carved: nan tuo yishi xiyang qian 南陀遗事夕阳前 (steep bank in the south, incidents of past ages, the setting sun ahead ).

16 x 16 x 100 mm, good condition.

The seal is from the Republic period.

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Qing Dynastie Seal by Duan Fang 陶斋 1895

Qing Dynastie Seal by Duan Fang 陶斋


Old Chinese leisure seal, black stone. As actual seal engraved are 10 characters: yi zhau wu ling guiqu buru xian zao (to give back a military grave means less than a relaxed morning).

Side inscription with date (1895) and name Tao Zhai 端方 (hao of Duan Fang).

Duan Fang 陶斋 (1861 bis 1911) a member of the Manchu Plain White Banner, was a late Qing dynasty politician, educator, and collector.

30 x 30 x 68 mm, good condition.

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Chinese Leisure seal by Chen Ruizhen – 陈瑞珍篆刻

Chinese Leisure seal by Chen Ruizhen

Chinese leisure seal by the artist Chen Ruizhen 陈瑞珍. Violet-grey stone with Foo lion as handle. As actual seal 8 characters haven been engraved, a quotation by Chairman Mao: bai hua qi fang bai jia zhenming 百花齐放百家争鸣 (let a hundred flowers bloom, a hundred schools of thought contend).

The seal has been carved in 1964. Side engraving with date and signature.

25 x 25 x 40 mm, good condition.

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Tao Shoubo Seal 陶寿伯印章 9 Characters

Chinese Seal by Tao Shoubo – 陶寿伯. 9 Characters Saying

Attractive Chinese seal by the famous seal carver Tao Shoubo (1901 – ?). Grey Shou Shan stone with landscape scene a tone side oft he seal and his name Shoubo engraved.

As actual seal 9 characters are engraved: Ping sheng you san dai wenzi zhi hao – 平生有三代文字之好 (Ones whole life is based on the wise books of 3 generations ).

14 x 14 x 42 mm, 20 gram, very fine condition.

[近现代](一九o一至?)陶寿伯,字知奋,号万石老人、畴中老人、万石层士,江苏无锡人。1915年 从苏州唐伯谦学,学习拓碑、裱帖、钩字、刻碑文及砚铭等,当时有师兄弟钱瘦铁等,从此步入了篆刻艺术生涯。1922年至上海报界工作,师事著名篆刻家赵叔儒,并与书画界名流相交往,兼习书画。

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Old Chinese Hardwood Leisure Seal with Beast

Old Chinese Hardwood Seal with Beast


Decorative, old Chinese hard-wood seal. As handle a mythological creature has been carved, as actual seal 2 characters: 南孫 nan sun (grandson of the south).

The creature has been carved very delicately and the characters are well composed.

20 x 20 x 65mm, very good condition.

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Chinese Leisure Seal by Li Fuyu 李伏雨

Chinese leisure seal by the known artist Li Fuyu 李伏雨 (1924-1995). Beige-grey stone with 4 characters engraved: 月台环翠 yue tai Huan Cui (railway platform to Hancui).


Size: 18 x 18 x 48 mm, good condition.

Side engraving with details. 一九七四年一月三十日灯下,伏雨制

The seal was carved in 1974.


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Qing Chinese Seal with Cicada, Collectors Seal by 元白

Old Chinese Seal, Cicada, Collectors Seal, Qing

Qing Dynasty, Chinese Seal: Grey Shou Shan stone with a cicada as handle and 4 characters as actual seal: 元白藏书 Yuan Bai Cang Shu (Book Collection Yuan Bai).
Text, name of the seal carver, Bai Yuan, as side inscription.
0,8 x 0,8 x 2 inches (22 x 22 x 50 mm), 54 gram. Fine condition.

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Antique Chinese Seal with Eight Immortals

Antique Chinese Seal. Hard Wood, Qing Dynasty

Antique Chinese hard-wood seal with very decorative carving of the actual seal print.
It seems to be a company seal. What makes it special is the carving of the border, which depicts the Eight immortals, delicately carved with strong expressions.

The seal is from the 18th century. At one side is a wax seal attached, which was needed to bring the seal out of China. It was bought in the early 1970s in Tianjin.

Size: 0,8 x 1,7 x 2,1 inches, 40 gram, fine condition.

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Liu Shuduo Leisure Seal with meaningful Words

Chinese Leisure Seal by Liu Shuduo 刘叔度 with meaningful Words


Decorative stone-seal wit a stylized dragon a the front side an details beneath (date, signature).
Great carving of the 6 characters: 君子之量容人 junzi zhi liang rongren [the tolerance of the noble man towards Fellow) men]. The seal is from 1932.

34 x 14 x 34 mm. Good condition. (What looks like knocks at the upper rim surely was deliberately made by the seal carver. This artifice was mostly used at the bottom side to make the seal look old or just to break up the neat borders).

劉叔度, Liu Shuduo 1894 – 1942 was a know seal carver oft he late Qing. Qing- and Republic-periode.

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