Chinese Leisure Seal by Zhu Qishi. 3 Characters and Pictorial.


Chinese Leisure Seal by Zhu Qishi – 朱其石. 3 Characters and Pictorial.

朱其石印章: Attractive Chinese seal carved by the important seal carver Zhu Qishi (1906 ~ 1965). Engraved are 3 characters ( Qing Fei Shou 庆丰收 – Celebrating the bumper harvest) and a pictograph of a little girl with a kite.

Side-carving with date, short text and the name of the seal carver, Zhu Qishi 朱其石

Well carved stone in very fine condition.

朱其石(一九○六·九·——一九六五·五·五·),原名碁,以诞於浙江宣平县括苍山下,又取名宣,号曰括苍居士,复因生於农历八月,又以桂□为号;另有秀水老农、葛窗居士、雁来红馆主人、抱冰居士等别署。浙江嘉兴人。 父名丙—,号补拙,以书画金石之学名於时。

0,7 x 0,7  x  2,1 inches (19 x 19 x 54 mm). 54 gram.

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