Chinese Leisure Seal Collection


Collection of 5 Chinese Seals by important Artists

lot of chinese leisure seals five chinese leisure seals

Small lot of five seals by well known or important seal carvers from the Republic Period: Shen Yi (Monk „Da Xiu“ carved at Hanshan-Monastary),  慎仪 大休作于寒山寺 (寺住持) Hai wai gui lai shi du shu ( Jian Jinglun, also famous as calligrapher), 海外归来始读书 (千石) (简经纶) Tou tou shi dao (Song Zhishan), 头头是道 芷山刻 (宋芷山)Huan hai ( Sha Menghai 1900 – 1992 also famous as calligrapher), 欢海 石荒刻 (沙孟海)Ku gua zi wei (Yang Tianji 1880-1960 also famous as calligrapher), 苦瓜滋味 (千里) 杨天骥

All 5 seals are rather small, 22- 45 mm, but of good quality ( 2 of them are Shoushan-stones) and in good condition.

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