Chinese Seal by Wu Yifeng 吴一峰篆刻


Chinese Seal by Wu Yifeng


Chinese seal by Wu Yifeng
Chinese seal by Wu Yifeng

A pair of attractive, valuable shou shan leisure seals by the important seal carver Wu Yifeng 吴一峰 (1907 – 1998).

As actual seal 8 characters have been carved: dan jiu ru xing 耽酒如性 (to abandon oneself to wine according ones nature) and: hao shi cheng chi 好诗成痴 ( a good poem making one crazy).

Each 26 x 26 x 41 mm and 30 mm. Good condition.

Signed at the front end Da Zou Ke 大走客, his artists name.

Wu Yifen was member of the Chinese Calligraphy Society and the Artist’s Association.

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