Korean War. Photo with Chinese Female Soldiers

Korean War. Photo with Chinese Female Soldiers

Chinese Female Soldiers marching with Korean Flag and Korean banners.
The photo is from app. 1951.

13,5 x 10,8 cm. Press photo with violet stamp in Russian and English: Hsinhua News Agency Peking, China No. 36996.

Bend at left side otherwise good condition.
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Chinese Seal with Classic Text, Qing Dynasty. 岂为功名始读书

Chinese Seal with Classic Text, Qing Dynasty

Qing Dynasty, Chinese Seal: Marbled Shou Shan stone with 7 characters as actual seal: Qi wei gongming shi du shu – 岂为功名始读书 (How could one become of public importance without first reading books ).

Text, dedication, name of the seal carver, Bai Yuan, as side inscription.

1 x 1 x 4 inches (25 x 25 x 98 mm), 178 gram. Fine condition.

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Chinese Collector Seal by Qin shi shan ren, 琴石山人

Chinese Collector Seal for Yang Shaohou. Pink Shoushan

Attractive, old Chinese seal , pink shou-shan seal, engraved as collectors seal for the famous intellectual Yang Shaohou 杨少侯 (1862 – 1930), who is considered as one of the most influential experts for shadow boxing (taiji-quan).

A seal engraved are 4 characters: shao hou zhen cang 少侯珍藏

Pictorial side engraving with 2 men under a pine tree and artist signed: Qin shi shan ren

25 x 12 x 50 mm, good condition.

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Chairnan Mao Print from Cultural Revolution Period

Mao Poster from Cultural Revolution Period

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Authentic small print in poster-style with chairman Mao in pose, some slogans and graphic.

6,9 x 10,2 inches (17,5 x 25,6 cm), some foxing (top) app. 1970.

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Old Chinese Certificate with Sun Yat Sen Portrait and Building

Old Chinese Certificate with Sun Yat Sen Portrait and Building


China, app. 1930, probably a receipt, 27.8 x 18.2 cm (8,5 x 11 inches), blue, black, one corner repaired, vignette of Sun Zhong Shan and of an government building.
Larger red seal imprint, 2 smaller ones in red and a black fee-stamp, additional Qingdao strike in violet and some writing by hand.

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Postcard Austrian Legation in Peking. Special Cancellation

Peking Postcard Austrian Legation. Special Cancellation

Imperial China: Old color postcard with view at the building of the Austrian Consulate in Beijing.

1 Cent stamp with Lutai – cancellation. The same strike at reverse. Additional, scarce ( non-postal) cancellation of the Austro-Hungarian Legation „Legation Imperiale et Royale d’Autriche-Hongarie en Chine“.

Unused, fine condition.

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China Mocking Postcard. Deutscher Bund, 1899

China Mocking Postcard. Deutscher Bund, 1899

China Mocking Postcard

Scarce early, lithographed color postcard entitled„ Nur immer rein in den deutschen Bund!” (Just come in and join the German League). The postcard depicts Germans and an American black man with a beer mug. A Chinese soldier with pigtail and a German spiked helmet stands in a door.

1899 sent from Muenster to Dortmund. Slight wear, scarce.

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Chinese Girls, Authentic aAntique China Photo from Studio

Qingdao, Jiaozhou, Two Girls in Photo Studio


Authentic b/w vintage photo of 2 girls with Lily-feet and traditional dresses.

Photograph from a photo studio, appr. 1905.
Small tear at right side has been professionally restored.
10 x 14, 5 cm.

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China Chinkiang Post. Local Post Stamps on Postcard 1900

Imperial China 1900: Chinkiang Post. Peking vintage postcard (railway station and coal hill ) with 3 Jinjiang ( Chinkiang ) stamps.

Chinkiang Post
Chinkiang Post

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Sent as postcard from Chinkiang to Altenburg in Germany. Forwarded by French Post in China. Altenburg – arrivalmark.

Franked by a 15 Cents and 2 Half-cents local stamps, tied by bilingual Chinkiang Postal Service – cancellations.

Fine condition. Very scarce!

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Two Scott# 1L43 A11 Stamps on Chinese Military Cover 1945 NE Region

Scare Chinese Postal History 1945 North East Michel Nr. 55B

Chinese Postal History NE cover

Postal History Scarce Chinese military cover


Scare Chinese Postal History 1945 North East Michel Nr. 55B

Nord-East China 1945: Military cover with 2 x 50 Yuan stamps 10th anniversary start of war against Japan Hand holding Rifle), Scott: 1L43 A11, Michel Nr. 55B (cut).
Special cancellation: 东川重慶 抗戰勝利纪念 Dong-chuan Chongqing kang zhan shengli jinian (Remember the triumphantly Dongchuan Chongqing battle (against Japan).

Imprint at reverse: 中华民国陆海空军副司都示

21,2 x 10,3 cm. Moderate wear due to age.
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