Tao Shoubo Seal 陶寿伯印章 9 Characters


Chinese Seal by Tao Shoubo – 陶寿伯. 9 Characters Saying

Attractive Chinese seal by the famous seal carver Tao Shoubo (1901 – ?). Grey Shou Shan stone with landscape scene a tone side oft he seal and his name Shoubo engraved.

As actual seal 9 characters are engraved: Ping sheng you san dai wenzi zhi hao – 平生有三代文字之好 (Ones whole life is based on the wise books of 3 generations ).

14 x 14 x 42 mm, 20 gram, very fine condition.

[近现代](一九o一至?)陶寿伯,字知奋,号万石老人、畴中老人、万石层士,江苏无锡人。1915年 从苏州唐伯谦学,学习拓碑、裱帖、钩字、刻碑文及砚铭等,当时有师兄弟钱瘦铁等,从此步入了篆刻艺术生涯。1922年至上海报界工作,师事著名篆刻家赵叔儒,并与书画界名流相交往,兼习书画。

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